Kay County Sheriff's Office

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the Kay County Sheriff's Office to provide quality law enforcement, court security, transport services, juvenile services, and civil services to the citizens and visitors of Kay County. We are dedicated to conducting ourselves in a manner respectful of the trust that has been placed upon us and transparency is of up most importance. We are dedicated to this mission and to the people we serve to ensure that Kay County is a safe place to live, work and visit.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to work for excellence through education, training and empowering our employees to provide the highest professional services to the citizens of Kay County.

Core Values

To accomplish our mission we dedicate ourselves to these core values.


Our most fundamental duty is to protect and serve, to ensure a safe environment for all residents and visitors of Kay County. We will always strive to perform this duty to the best of our ability and never lose sight of our responsibilities.


We view our responsibilities as a covenant of public trust and are always mindful that we must keep our commitment to the community we serve.


We pledge to always operate with the truth. When we live with integrity, we will succeed. We are open and honest. When we have the courage to call the truth the truth, even when it's not popular, we become a more powerful force. It is easy to hold a position on an honest fact.

Community Service

To improve the quality of life by enhancing our partnerships with the community through involvement, education, accessibility and promoting positive family and community values.

Kay County Sheriff's Office Group Picture