Manufactured Homes / Mobile Homes

Manufactured homes are assessed by the Assessor's office. They can be assessed as real estate or personal property. Manufactured homes are assessed as real estate when the owner of the home also owns the land on which the home is located. When the homeowner does not own the land that the home sits on then it will be assessed as personal property. If the manufactured home is assessed as real estate, the home owner is eligible for homestead exemption.


What is required by the Assessor's office to move or transfer title of a manufactured home?

To move or transfer ownership of a manufactured home, an Oklahoma Manufactured Home Certificate (OTC form 936) must be completed. To complete this form, the Assessor's office requires the title for the manufactured home, the home's current location, the new location if being moved, and the name and address of new owner if being sold. The taxes for the manufactured home will have to be prepaid for the current year as well as any delinquent taxes.