Monday, June 24, 2013

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK


The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) of Kay County, Oklahoma, met in regular session at 9:00 o’clock a.m. on Monday, June 24, 2013, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on June 21, 2013, at 8:30 a.m. at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Member Steve Austin called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Steve Austin, Member; Dee Schieber, Carol Purdy, Kay County Assessor; Marilee Thornton, Kay County Court Clerk; Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer; Everette Van Hoesen, Kay County Sheriff; Jody Burd, Kay County Detention Center Director (KCDCD); Harold Hughs, KCDC; Cheryl Howard, Kay County Election Board Secretary; Dennis Bonewell, Emergency Management Director;  Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary. Absent:  Chairman Tyson Rowe (See sign-in sheet). 


Commissioner Steve Austin led the Flag Salute.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving regular meeting minutes of June 17, 2013.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving renewal of Contractual/Lease Agreements for FY 2013-14 for the Kay County Health Department.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye.


Jail Director Report:  Jody Burd, KCDCD, reported 200 as the daily inmate count, 56 arrested and released over the weekend, 38 in Department of Corrections (DOC) and 10 county inmates sentenced to county time. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin Tabling Preventive Maintenance Agreement for the heating and air conditioning systems in the courthouse.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving ACCO-SIG 2013-2014 Property & Liability Insurance Renewal Quotes, Intent to Participate in ACCO-SIG (Property/Liability), Payment Option 1-$116,487.00 and Resolution No. 12, 13-315.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Roads and Bridge Projects/Circuit Engineering District (CED) No. 8 Road and Bridge projects:  Commissioner Schieber reported 44th Street in Dist#3 is almost finished and then moving to “S” Street.  He said his crew is mowing and blading.


Commissioner Austin said his crews are mowing and blading.  He stated Peckham Road is opened but still needs to be striped and crew is working on low water crossing on Longwood Road. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin Tabling Resolution 12, 13-313 approving Interlocal Cooperative Agreement with Contiguous Counties.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving the following Public Service/Pipeline Crossing Line Installations:  Select Services, SW4/NE4 S25 T29N R2W ending NE4/NW4 S18 T29N R1W, N. 60th & State Line, D#3.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving the following Resolutions to Dispose of Equipment:  Res#12, 13-316, OSU Extension Office, three (3) computer towers, transferring to Kay County Free Fair Board; Res#12, 13-317, Court Clerk, fax machine, junked; Res#12, 13-319, County Clerk, Blue Line Machine, junked.    Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving the following Resolutions to Deposit Funds:  Res#12, 13-318, Highway Dist#1-$1,750.00, share of Longwood South/South Longwood Project.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving the following Cash Fund Estimate of Needs & Request for Appropriations: Visual Inspection Reimbursement-$1,138.17; Sheriff’s Service Fee-$19,257.34; Public Buildings Authority-Health-$147.19; County Sales Tax-$1,500,000.00; Highway Dist#1-$1,750.00.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving the following Transfer of Appropriations:  Sheriff Maintenance & Operations (M&O)-$6,997.00 to Capital Outlay; Highway Dist#1 ETR Bridge Account-$71,636.29 to Hubbard Bridge #105 Project; Highway Dist#1 ETR Bridge Account-$250,450.08 to 44th Street Reconstruction Project; Highway Dist#1 ETR Bridge Account-$21,175.00 to Oakland Bridge #145 Project.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


Unscheduled Public Appearances:  A group of citizen’s was present to speak about road concerns.  Commissioner Austin asked them to limit their statements to five (5) minutes and told them by law the BOCC could not respond.


Danny Hasselbring (Adobe Road) began by talking about the rock trucks.  He expressed the need for more stop signs and getting the trucks to slow down.  Mr. Hasselbring also said he would like to see something put on the roads to help knock down the dust; he said anything at all would be helpful.


Cheryl Smith (Brake Road) said her request was for her 93 year old father; she asked for help relating to the dust problem.  Ms. Smith said the dust is so bad you cannot see.


Shelly Hasselbring (Adobe Road) questioned the speed limit and asked if she goes 65 miles per hour will she get ticketed.  Her request was speed limit signs and consequences if speed limit is not followed.


Don Lane (Canteen Road) said trucks start going by at 6 a.m.  He said 350 loads are being hauled which means trucks are going by 700 times a day.  Mr. Lane stated he appreciates all the county has done so far but would like protection from all the dust.  He said he contacted the State Mining Commission regarding these issues and was told as soon as trucks leave mining premises they have no authority and he was told by the mining commission to contact the BOCC and the BOCC could make regulations.  Mr. Lane said he was here to request the BOCC to stand up and do something regarding these problems.  He replied the trees and fences are all white from so much dust and stated you can’t enjoy being outdoors of your home.


Doyle Smith (Brake Road) asked if Commissioner Schieber would please put some speed limit signs on Brake Road.  He noted there have been some pretty close encounters and said he would appreciate anything the commissioners could do.


Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer said she read an article in the paper regarding fair board that read “Our county treasurer and county clerk made it clear at many meetings that the county does not have excess funds to spend on a fair,” said Rowe.  Rowe continued by saying he thinks the fair board should prepare to operate on half of half of their budgeted amount.


Kennedy said, “At no time did I ever say we do not have funds to help the fair board.  What I said was we do not have funds for new fairgrounds, fair buildings, parking, electrical, water and the many other purchases it would take for the county to put on a county fair without an outside funding source.  If Commissioner Rowe chooses to give the current fair board less funds to operate it should not be for anything I have said in the past.  Doing so would be making an uninformed decision.”

County Clerk Tammy Reese said, “At no time during any budget session did I ever make any comment regarding funding for the fair board.”


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving Payroll with warrants to be released on June 27, 2013.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye. 


There were no Blanket Purchase Orders presented for approval.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving Maintenance & Operation Claims.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye.  



                2012-2013 General: 2330, Kay County, 102.00, Workers Comp; 2331, Westside Animal Clinic LLC, 381.71, Animal Care; 2332, Staples, 108.27, Blanket For Supplies; 2333, Southwest Business Products, 499.51, Supplies; 2334, Fleetcor Technologies, 1898.05, Blanket For Fuel; 2335, OK Natural Gas, 264.74, Gas delivery; 2336, USA Mobility Wireless, 177.39, Pager Service; 2337, Staples, 131.50, Office Supplies; 2338, American Telephone Inc., 89.00, Service call; 2339, Wards Air Conditioning, 90.00, Service call; 2340, Southwest Business Products, 57.05, Office Supplies; 2341, Southwest Business Products, 76.75, Office Supplies; 2342, Kellpro Computer, 100.00, Signature; 2343, Secretary of State, 10.00, Filing Fee/Notary Public; 2344, Grace, Lindsay, 100.41, Travel; 2345, Woelk, Cori, 101.70, Travel; 2346, Klumpp, Larry A., 120.01, Travel; 2347, Midwest Printing, 297.64, Vouchers; 2348, Lowes Building Center, 27.18, Cord Reel; Health: 422, Staples, 97.97, Blanket For Supplies; 423, Staples, 38.96, Blanket For Supplies; 424, Walmart Community BRC, 123.75, Blanket For Supplies; 425, Ana Beets, 187.58, Mileage; 426, ANCO Services, 2085.00, Janitorial Services; 427, AT&T, 455.15, Phone; 428, AT&T, 203.64, Long distance; 429, Carol Rickards, 62.50, Nursing; 430, Cintas Document Management, 56.00, Shredding; 431, City of Blackwell, 434.50, Billing; 432, Language Line Services, 128.58, Service; Highway: 2017, Kay County, 4281.00, Workers Comp; 2018, Kay County, 4576.00, Workers Comp; 2019, Kay County, 4951.00, Workers Comp; 2020, Fastenal Indus & Const Supplies, 40.81, Blanket; 2021, Interstate Battery System Of Tulsa, 107.95, Blanket; 2022, Action Truck Parts, 492.35, Blanket; 2023, Kelle Oil Company, 895.44, Blanket; 2024, G & B Auto, 1582.00, Blanket; 2025, Circuit Engineering District #8, 170.00, Signs; 2026, Sunbelt Equipment & Supply, 2721.26, Iron; 2027, Rowe, Tyson G, 113.88, Travel; 2028, P & K Equipment, 206.85, Wheel; 2029, AT&T, 222.23, Phone; 2030, AT&T, 143.06, Long distance; 2031, City of Blackwell, 509.70, Billing; 2032, AT&T, 84.38, Billing; 2033, AT&T, 202.01, Long distance; 2034, Dub Ross Co. Inc., 2130.90, Pipe; 2035, G W Vankeppel Co, 32.16, Keys; 2036, Irwin Trailer LLC, 206.05, Switch; 2037, Southwest Truck Parts, 24.11, Clutch; 2038, J & P Supply, 185.89, Supplies; 2039, Blackwell Auto Parts, 154.20, Supplies; 2040, A-Plus Auto Glass, 470.00, Tint; 2041, Circuit Engineering District #8, 134.00, Signs; 2042,

                Irwin Trailer LLC, 2655.00, Tarps; 2043, River Ridge Construction Llc, 12402.46, Concrete; 2044, Cross Oil, 11997.34, Diesel; 2045, Budget Pest Control, 58.00, Pest Control; 2046, Grant County Dist #3, 2010.55, Rock; 2047, Schieber, Dee, 114.13, Mileage; 2048, Austin, Steve, 111.87, Mileage; 2049, Schieber, Dee, 84.75, Mileage; PBA: 32, Bagg, Jack, 800.00, Maintenance; 33, Heritage Roofing Systems Of Ok Inc, 325.00, Repairs; 34, Younger-Holmes Electrical

                Contractors, 92.88, Repairs; PBA HEALTH: 12, Bank Of The West, 7960.13, Loan Payment;

                Reimburse: 41, Staples, 395.95, Supplies; 42, Kay Office Equipment, 10.96, Maintenance Agree.;

                Serv.Fee: 380, Walmart Community BRC, 408.96, Supplies; 381, Fleetcor Technologies, 2147.12, Blanket For Fuel; 382, Galaxie Business, 45.99, Blanket For Copier Maintenance; 383, Kay County, 122.00, Workers Comp; Drug Court: 73, Redwood Biotech, 650.15, Test kits; 74, Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, 1969.45, Drug Testing; 75, OK Court Services Inc, 7500.00, Coordinator Fees; 76, Ralphs Packing Co, 189.16, Food; 77, Ramey Price Cutter Supermarkets, 191.58, Groceries & Supplies; 78, Gold-N-Treasures, 176.04, Key rings; 79, Ball Trophy & Engraving Co., 135.00, Plaques; 80, Head Country Bar-B-Q, 100.00, Food; 81, Lowes Companies Inc., 118.64, Supplies; County Bridge & Road Improvement: 26, Dub Ross Co. Inc., 1285.38, Pipe; 27, M K Crushing Llc, 5864.56, Rock; 28, Circuit Engineering                 District #8, 128.00, Signs; Use Tax: 19, Juniors Locks & Alarms, 4011.15, Locks; County Sales Tax Fund: 1102, Quality Water Service, 494.25, Water; 1103, Fuelman Of Oklahoma, 357.47, Blanket For Fuel; 1104, Bob Barker

                Co, 597.85, Supplies


Details’ concerning the above listed purchase orders/claims are available in the County Clerk’s Office.  All records are open to the public, and any person may examine same during regular office hours. 


New Business [As per 1991 O.S. 25§311.A.9-‘New Business’, as used herein, shall mean any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting.  None.



Bid#2013-36, Selling 2005 JD 200 CLC Excavator was opened as follows: 


Frontier Equipment-No Bid; Warren Cat-$145,000.00 (immediately after bid was opened Steve Winters with Warren Cat said he was withdrawing the bid because the amount bid was an error made by Warren Cat); Quintanilla Management-$53,199.00; D&S Oilfield Services-$65,595.00; Van Keppel Company-No Bid; Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc.,-No Bid; Boxcer Equipment-$51,000.00


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin Tabling Bid#2013-36, Selling 2005 JD 200 CLC Excavator.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Austin, aye.


There being no other business, motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin to adjourn, 10:05 a.m.  Motion carried:  Rowe, aye; Schieber, aye; Austin, aye.












Approved this 1st day of July, 2013.






                 TYSON ROWE, CHAIRMAN



                 STEVE AUSTIN, MEMBER