Monday, April 11, 2011

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK 74647


The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) of Kay County, Oklahoma, met in regular session at 9:00 o’clock a.m. on Monday, April 11, 2011, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on April 8, 2011, at 8:30 a.m. at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Steve Austin called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows:  Dee Schieber, Member; Tyson Rowe, Member; Brian Hermanson, District Attorney (DA); Carol Purdy, Kay County Assessor; Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer; Mary Ramey, Kay County Court Clerk; Carol Kellum, Kay County Election Board Secretary; Larry Klumpp, OSU Extension; Everette Van Hoesen, Kay County Sheriff; Jody Burd, Kay County Detention Center Director; Harold Hughs, Kay County Assistant Jail Director; Dennis Bonewell, Emergency Management Director; J. C. Estes, Kay County Excise Board Member; Ray Ball, Kaw Nation; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Sharon Rowe, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary.  Member Schieber led the Flag Salute.


Motion was made by Rowe and seconded by Schieber approving regular meeting minutes of April 4, 2011.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, abstained. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Rowe approving Title Sheet, Phase I of Waverly/Hubbard Project, Project No. STP-136D(117)CRIB.  Schieber said Phase I should begin around August 2011.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.


Jail Issues:  Jody Burd, Kay County Detention Center Director, reported the daily inmate count of 142.  Burd mentioned Sedalco would be on-site for other matters and he would have Sedalco check the roof for damages after weekend storm.  Burd said several vehicles were damaged by storm as well.


Roads and Bridge Projects, Circuit Engineering District (CED) No. 8:  Commissioner Schieber said asphalt was completed on Traders Bend Road and would begin stripping the road in the next day or so.  Rowe said the west side of “O” Street was completed, he reported 44th Street will be closed Thursday for bridge work.


Motion was made by Austin and seconded by Rowe approving Bridge Application/Contract Agreement Emergency & Transportation Revolving Fund Program Bridge:  NBI#02551 Str. Loc.#36E0060N3360003, Project #ETRCB8-36-2(12)11 & Project #ETR-CB8-36-2(11)11.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Rowe and seconded by Schieber noting a revision to the effective Flood Insurance Rate Map and Flood Insurance Study for Kay County (Arkansas River).  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.


Motion was made by Rowe and seconded by Schieber rejecting Bid#2011-17 Used Truck Tractors (bid was opened in BOCC meeting held on 2-22-11).  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Rowe approving the following  March 2011 Kay County Monthly Reports:  Court Clerk – Blackwell, Newkirk, Ponca City offices; County Election Board; Treasurer Trust; County Clerk; Assessor.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Rowe and seconded by Schieber approving the following Resolutions to Deposit:  Res#10, 11-152, Highway Dist#1-$14,223.11, H3101-93 Fountain Rd. Phase II Project FY10-11; Res#10, 11-153, Child Abuse Prevention-$40.00, jury donations; Res#10, 11-154, Highway Dist#2-$45.72, share the profits; Res#10, 11-155, Highway Dist#3-$14.66, share the profits; Res#10, 11-156, Public Building Authority (PBA)-$1,408.84, April 2011 rent.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.

Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Rowe approving the following Cash Fund Estimate of Needs and Request for Appropriation:  Highway-$53.40 – D#1-$17.80; D#2-$17.80; D#3-$17.80; Highway Dist#1-$14,223.11; Highway Dist#2-$45.72; Highway Dist#3-$14.66; County Clerk Lien Fee-$2,435.25; Preservation Fee-$6,705.00; Treasurer’s Mortgage Certfication-$510.00; Visual Inspection Reimbursement-$1,273.93; PBA-$1,408.84; PBA-Health-$546.59; Child Abuse Prevention-$40.00.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Rowe approving the following Transfer of Appropriations Highway Dist#3 Maintenance & Operations (M&O)-$500.00 to Travel; Drug Court Contract Services-$1,378.67 & Travel-$5,052.19, Total $6,430.86 to M&O.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.


Unscheduled public appearances:  Ms. Kelley, citizen, asked Commissioner Schieber if she was able to get a solar power flashing light donated if he would put it up.  Commissioner Schieber told her he would need to check with Oklahoma Department of Transportation.


J. C. Estes, Kay County Excise Board Member, said when building the new jail facility was being discussed it was also mentioned the old jail could possibly become a Juvenile Detention Center, but due to shortage in state funding budgets that is not being considered at this time.  Estes said he would like to see and feels the public would be well served to spend funds to hire an expert for a professional opinion.


Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer, announced there will be a Newkirk Main Street Business Women’s Luncheon on April 19, 2011, at Stagecoach in Newkirk, and she has tickets available for anyone interested.


Motion was made by Rowe and seconded by Schieber approving Blanket Purchase Order Claims.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Rowe approving Maintenance & Operation Claims.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.      



                2010-2011 County Sales Tax Fund: 533, Southwest Paper, 736.65, Janitorial Supplies; 534, Ball Trophy & Engraving Co., 102.00, Signs; 535, Grimsleys, 181.23, Supplies; Cert.Fee: 2, Kennedy, Christine L., 106.08, Travel; General: 1879, Cintas Corporation Loc, 103.81, Linen Service; 1880, Houser Hardware, 186.45, Supplies; 1881, Lowes Home Centers, 200.00, Blanket For Supplies; 1882, Caskey Pest Control, 52.00, Pest Control; 1883, Bankers Credit Card Service, 197.78, Out Of County Expense; 1884, Ponca City News, 1465.60, Publication; 1885, Quality Water Service, 35.75, Water & Cooler Rent; 1886, Rogers Oil Co., 184.73, Fuel; 1887, Quality Water Service, 28.50, Water & Cooler Rent; 1888, Bankers Credit Card Service, 888.44, Out Of County Expense; 1889, Quality Water Service, 58.00, Water; 1890, Ponca City News, 574.90, Publication; 1891, Quality Water Service, 34.25, Water & Cooler Rent; 1892, Quality Water Service, 29.50, Water & Cooler Rent; 1893, Southwest Business Products, 120.00, Lettering; 1894, J & P Supply, 650.96, Janitorial Supplies; 1895, Southwest Business Products, 259.50, Envelopes; 1896, Merrifield Office Supply, 556.00, Copy Paper; 1897, Wells Plumbing, 247.27, Plumbing Repairs; 1898, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, 360.00, Repairs; 1899, Cyber-Rover, 110.00, Service call; 1900, Holts Toner Source, 100.00, Toner; 1901, AT&T, 592.21, Billing; 1902, AT&T, 183.88, Billing; 1903, Quality Water Service, 23.40, Water & Cooler Rent; 1904, Galaxie Business, 52.46, Copier contract; 1905, Quality Water Service, 6.41, Water; 1906, Eastman National Bank, 2044.29, Land Purchase Payments; 1907, OK Court Services Inc, 1000.00, CSSP; 1908, Klumpp, Larry A., 574.26, Travel; 1909, Ok Cooperative Extension Service, 2274.00, Contractual Services; 1910, Woelk, Cori, 401.37, Travel; 1911, Putnam & Company PLLC, 4250.00, Estimate Of Needs; 1912, Kay County, 129.00, Workers Comp; Health: 292, Lab Associates, 270.00, X-rays; Highway: 1649, Harlands Diesel, 12773.02, Repairs; 1650, Lowes Building Center, 184.22, Misc Supplies; 1651, Quality Water Service, 30.25, Water & Cooler Rent; 1652, Cintas Corporation Loc, 895.31, Uniform Rental & Cleaning; 1653, Cintas Corporation Loc, 662.56, Uniform Rental & Cleaning; 1654, Kelle Oil Company, 1873.24, Tires & Misc.; 1655, Cintas Corporation Loc, 486.49, Uniform Rental & Cleaning; 1656, Action Truck Parts, 800.00, Blanket; 1657, Action Truck Parts, 799.85, Blanket; 1658, Harlands Diesel, 3184.36, Repairs; 1659, AT&T, 108.89, Billing; 1660, JADs Cleaning, 200.00, Cleaning; 1661, Staples, 324.99, Printer; 1662, Grant County Dist #3, 5448.98, Crusher Run; 1663, Lowes Companies Inc., 143.08, Blinds; 1664, Cross Oil, 4719.03, Diesel; 1665, Chuck Hoddy Glass Co., 110.00, Glass; 1666, Circuit Engineering District #8, 329.75, Signs; 1667, Schieber, Dee, 136.68, Travel; 1668, Warren Power And Machinery, 4597.20, Grader Blades; 1669, Schieber, Dee, 295.06, Travel; 1670, Kelle Oil Company, 2030.56, Fuel; 1671, Cross Oil, 4898.53, Fuel; 1672, BDF Enterprises LTD, 25.60, Filter Service; 1673, Safety Kleen, 89.50, Parts Washer & Service; 1674, Wrights Machine Shop, 40.50, Machine Work; 1675, Sunbelt Equipment & Supply, 3836.56, Beams; 1676, T & W Tire, 1395.60, Tires; 1677, Kelle Oil Company, 695.96, Tires; 1678, Cross Oil, 22644.98, Diesel; 1679, OK Natural Gas, 104.31, Billing; 1680, Kelle Oil Company, 784.72, Tires; 1681, Wilkins Okla. Truck Supply, 59.78, Parts; 1682, Rural Water District #3, 39.20, Water; 1683, Rowe, Tyson G, 467.67, Travel; 1684, Security National Bank, 2509.10,

                Lease Purchase Payment; 1685, Postmaster, 44.00, Stamps; 1686, Eastman National Bank, 1239.73, Lease Purchase Payment; 1687, Caterpillar Financial Services Corp, 4317.12, Lease Purchase Payment; 1688, Security National Bank, 6726.43, Lease Purchase Payment;

                1689, Eastman National Bank, 2802.08, Lease Purchase Payment; 1690, John Deere Credit, 1801.73, Lease Purchase Payment; 1691, Security National Bank, 5610.74, Lease Purchase Payment; 1692, Welch State Bank, 1448.00, Lease Purchase Payment; 1693, Kay County, 3690.00, Workers Comp; 1694, Kay County, 3911.00, Workers Comp; 1695, Kay County, 4387.00, Workers Comp; LEPC Grant Cash Fund: 6, The GPS Store Com, 3616.79, GPS Unit;

                Lien Fee: 50, Kay County, 5.00, Workers Comp; PBA: 24, Caskey Pest Control, 44.00, Pest Control; 25, Putnam & Company PLLC, 1625.00, Audit Expense; Preservation Fee: 7, Kellpro Computer, 3516.24, Scanner; Serv.Fee: 197, Westside Animal Clinic LLC, 46.82, Dog Maintenance; 198, Take Ten Tire, 1437.85, Vehicle Maintenance; 199, Lowes Building

                Center, 45.00, Supplies; 200, Page Plus Inc., 155.05, Pager Service; 201, Farha Wholesale Co., 168.30, Supplies; 202, Bob Hurley Ford, 23969.90, '11 Ford F150 4X4 Crew Cab PU; 203, Galls, 628.26, Accessories


            Details’ concerning the above listed purchase orders/claims are available in the County Clerk’s Office.  All records are open to the public, and any person may examine same during regular office hours.


New Business [As per 1991 O.S. 25§311.A.9-‘New Business’, as used herein, shall mean any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting.].  Dennis Bonewell, Kay County Emergency Management Director, said he has not been contacted by anyone in Ponca City regarding weekend storm damages, etc.


There being no other business, motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Rowe to adjourn, 9:48 a.m.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Rowe, aye; Austin, aye.






Approved this 18th day of April, 2011.




                 STEVE AUSTIN, CHAIRMAN



                 DEE SCHIEBER, MEMBER