Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newkirk, OK 74647


The Board of County Commissioners of Kay County, Oklahoma, met in regular session at 9:00 o’clock a.m. on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on October 9, 2009, at 8:30 a.m. at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Steve Austin called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows:  Dee Schieber, Vice-Chairman; Laile Wilson, Member; Jennifer Layton, Kay County District Attorney, First Assistant (ADA); Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer; Carol Purdy, Kay County Assessor; Steve Kelley, Kay County Undersheriff; Carol Kellum, Kay County Election Board Secretary; Larry Klumpp, OSU Extension and Cori Woelk; Ray Ball, Kaw Nation; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Josh Newton, Blackwell Journal Tribune; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary (see sign in sheet). 


Chairman Austin led the Flag Salute.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Austin approving regular meeting minutes of October 5, 2009.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.


Larry Klumpp, OSU Extension Agent, introduced his newly hired agent, Cori Woelk.  Ms. Woelk, from western Kansas, was welcomed by commissioners to Kay County.


Jail Issues:  Undersheriff Steve Kelley reported 124 for the daily inmate count; Kelley said eight (8) were brought in this morning and six (6) were taken to Department of Corrections last week.  He also reported 330 were ran through booking for the month of September, 298 out of the 330 were released to go.


Roads and Bridge Projects, Circuit Engineering District (CED) No. 8:  Schieber mentioned District CED meeting to be held in Enid on Wednesday with Senators, Representatives and Bureau of Indian Affairs to be in attendance.  He noted the weather has hindered the capability to work on roads.


Schieber told other two commissioners that he has been approached by individuals who are interested in purchasing pieces of the land that was bought for the new jail site. 


Wilson said he didn’t want to get into a situation where the county would become land locked again and wanted to make sure the county kept enough land for future expansions, if needed.


Austin said he would like to know specific areas these individuals were interested in and what their intentions were.


Schieber said he would proceed with this matter and try to find out more information. 


Motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Schieber noting on the following September 2009 Monthly Reports:  County Clerk; Election Board.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Wilson approving the following Resolutions to Deposit:  Res#9, 10-67, Highway Dist#1-$24,870.40, Blue Star Road, H3101-84 FY 08-09; Res#9, 10-68, Highway Dist#2-$288.90, sale of scrap metals; Res#9, 10-69, Public Building Authority (PBA)-$1,408.84, October 2009 Rent.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye. 


Motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Schieber approving the following Cash Fund Estimate of Needs and Request for Appropriation:  Highway Dist#1-$24,870.40; Highway Dist#2-$288.90; PBA-$1,408.84; PBA-Health-$646.07; Visual Inspection Reimbursement-$863.82.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.  Motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Schieber approving Kay County 2009-2010 Estimate of Needs and Financial Statement of the Fiscal Year 2008-2009.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.


There were no unscheduled public appearances. 


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Wilson approving Blanket Purchase Orders.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.


Motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Schieber approving Maintenance & Operation Claims.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.


               FY 2008/2009 PURCHASE ORDERS

               2008-2009 Highway: 2379, Evans & Associates, 420511.35, Road project


               2009-2010 Cert.Fee: 10, Southwest Business Products, 734.89, OFFICE SUPPLIES; 11, Southwest Business Products, 137.10, OFFICE SUPPLIES; 12, Southwest Business Products, 37.96, Ink Cartridge; 13, Quality Water Service, 22.75, Water; 14, Kennedy, Christine L., 11.48, Meal; 15, Kennedy, Christine L., 35.00, Reimbursement; Co.Improve.: 1, One Net, 6168.00, Internet Fee; Commissary: 1, Professional Forms, 155.50, Commissary checks; General: 645, Moberly Auto Service, 296.99, Blanket; 646, City of Blackwell, 1250.00, Office lease; 647, Rogers Oil Co., 96.65, Blanket; 648, Bankers Credit Card Service, 364.45, Blanket; 649, Fleetcor Technologies, 3482.60, Blanket; 650, Take Ten Tire, 1445.39, Blanket; 651, Take Ten Tire, 329.66, Blanket; 652, North West Inn, 70.00, Lodging; 653, Page Plus Inc., 163.50, Blanket; 654, Okla. Juvenile Justice SVCS, 2116.66, Blanket; 655, Leach Paper Co., 263.18, Paper Products; 656, J & P Supply, 369.41, Janitorial Supplies; 657, Galaxie Business, 4.99, OFFICE SUPPLIES; 658, Merrifield Office Supply, 792.50, Checks; 659, J & P Supply, 399.54, Janitorial Supplies; 660, Take Ten Tire, 901.75, Repairs; 661, Southwest Business Products, 135.98, OFFICE SUPPLIES; 662, Oklahoma Mailing Equipment, 266.00, Mailing Supplies; 663, Welborn Electric Co., 212.75, Electrical Work; 664, USPS Disbursing Officer, 4429.00, Office lease; 665, North Central Reporter, 20.00, Subscription; 666, Postmaster, 88.00, Postage Stamps; 667, Quality Water Service, 42.00, Water; 668, Van Hoesen, Everette H., 154.55, Mileage; 669, Klumpp, Larry A., 844.10, Travel; 670, Ok Cooperative Extension Service, 2274.00, Contractual Services; 671, Reese, Tammy J., 159.54, Travel; 672, Fry, Nancy P., 89.65, Mileage; 673, Sac & Fox Juvenile Detention, 316.65, Juvenile Detention; 674, Eastern Okla Youth Services, 3720.00, Juvenile Detention; 675, Communityworks, 475.44, Juvenile Detention; 676, Western Plains Youth & Family, 1291.40, Juvenile Detention; 677, Osage County Det. Center, 1758.25, Juvenile Detention; 678, Quality Water Service, 17.00, Water & Cooler Rent; 679, Eastman National Bank, 487.46, Lease Purchase Payment; Health: 85, Stolhand Heating & Air, 129.14, Maintenance; 86, AT&T, 455.07, Phone Service; 87, Ok. State Dept. of Health, 29832.94, Payroll; 88, June Fetters, 66.00, Travel; 89, Rose Ann McChristian, 44.00, Travel; 90, Richards, Mary, 22.00, Travel; Highway: 560, Total Com Inc., 170.00, Blanket; 561, Blackwell Auto Parts, 590.19, Blanket; 562, Quality Water Service, 57.50, Blanket; 563, Kelle Oil Company, 1973.58, Blanket; 564, Action Truck Parts, 490.24, Blanket; 565, Unifirst Holdings Inc, 569.55, Uniform Rental & Cleaning; 566, Quality Water

               Service, 77.00, Water; 567, Total Com Inc., 250.00, Communication; 568, Cordells Diesel Service, 1628.90, Repairs; 569, BOWERS TRUCKING INC, 6022.56, Rock Hauling; 570, T & W Tire, 3158.92, Tires; 571, Power Plan, 4000.00, Rental; 572, Power Plan, 423.16, Repairs; 573, Power Plan, 1117.09, Parts; 574, Farm Plan, 413.64, Parts; 575, Power Plan, 19.50, Gaskets; 576, OK Natural Gas, 40.47, Gas service; 577, B W Supply Co., 9.51, Bolts; 578, Farm Plan, 58.04, Bolts; 579, Rural Water District #3, 44.65, Water; 580, Blackwell True Value Hardware, 55.66, Supplies;

               581, Diaz Lopez, Telesforo, 60.00, Guardrail; 582, Winfield Iron & Metal, 2650.00, Pipe; 583, ACCO, 50.00, Registration; 584, Eastman National Bank, 9648.51, Lease Purchase Payment; 585, Security National Bank, 1115.79, Lease Purchase Payment; 586, Welch State Bank,

               1536.00, Lease Purchase Payment; 587, Eastman National Bank, 8953.47, Lease Purchase Payment; 588, John Deere Credit, 1904.75, Lease Purchase Payment; 589, John Deere Credit, 1801.73, Lease Purchase Payment; 590, Okla. Dept. of Transportation, 1101.67, Lease Purchase

               Payment; 591, Schieber, Dee, 366.30, Mileage; Jail Cash Fund: 49, Houser Hardware, 97.58, Blanket; 50, Roto-Rooter Service, 75.00, Blanket; 51, Four State Maintenance, 1037.88, Blanket;

               52, U.S. Foodservice, 10465.37, Blanket; 53, Walmart Community, 446.15, Blanket; 54, Health Professionals, 12620.83, Blanket; 55, Pioneer Fire And Safety, 205.00, Blanket; 56, Houser Hardware, 1097.32, Plumbing valves; 57, Airgas Mid-South Inc., 33.16, Acetyline; 58, Justice

               Benefits Inc., 183.26, Alien Assist; 59, Dewey, William M, 45.10, Mileage; Lien Fee: 25, ACCO, 50.00, Registration; 26, Quality Water Service, 38.00, Water & Cooler Rent; Serv.Fee: 48, Allegiance Communications, 50.36, Blanket; 49, Lowes Building Center, 333.93, Blanket; 50, Quality Water Service, 149.00, Blanket; 51, Leach Paper Co., 966.19, Blanket; 52, Van Hoesen, Everette H., 35.00, Reimbursement; 53, CODA, 75.00, Registration; Drug Court: 10, OK Court Services Inc, 1000.00, SALARY; 11, Dilbeck, Brenda, 68.96, Reimbursement; 12, McCarty & Rigdon, 1500.00, Drug Court Attendance




Details’ concerning the above listed purchase orders/claims are available in the County Clerk’s Office.  All records are open to the public, and any person may examine same during regular office hours. 


Motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Austin to Table Bid#2009-53 Rubber tired loader, Dist#3.  Bids were opened from Northern Equipment Co.-$44,000; Kirby-Smith Machinery Inc.-no bid; Frontier Equipment Sales, L.L.C.-no bid; Keystone Equipment-no bid; Van Keppel Construction Equipment-no bid.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.


There being no other business, motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Schieber to adjourn, 10:02 a.m.  Motion carried:  Schieber, aye; Wilson, aye; Austin, aye.














Approved this 19th day of October, 2009.







                 STEVE AUSTIN, CHAIRMAN