Monday, January 24, 2005

Newkirk, Oklahoma


The Board of County Commissioners of Kay County, Oklahoma, met in regular session at 9:00 o’clock a.m. on Monday, January 24, 2005, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on January 21, 2005, at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Wilson called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Laile Wilson, Chairman; Wayne Leven, Vice-Chairman; Dee Schieber, Member; Sarah Hobbs, Ponca City News; Rog Allen, KACYFM Radio; Larry Klumpp, OSU Extension Office; Chad Otto, OSU Extension Office; Phil Ross, Assistant District Attorney; Pat Schieber, County Treasurer, Carol Kellum, Election Board; Glenda Emerson, Court Clerk; Everette VanHoesen, Kay County Sheriff; Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary (see sign in sheet).


Motion was made by Wilson and seconded by Schieber approving minutes of January 18, 2005 as read.  Motion carried:  Wilson, aye; Leven, aye; Schieber, aye.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Leven to pay OJA Claim in the amount of $3116.25.  Motion carried:  Wilson, aye; Leven, aye; Schieber, aye.


Motion was made by Leven and seconded by Schieber approving a proposal made by Assistant District Attorney Phil Ross for a temporary holding site for methamphetamine lab materials for later delivery to hazmat contractor.  Motion carried:  Wilson, aye; Leven, aye;  Schieber, aye.


Larry Klumpp from the OSU Extension Office introduced new County Extension Agriculture Agent, Chad Otto.


Leven tabled to approve/disapprove Kay County Home Finance Authority Audit to be discussed in the Kay County Home Finance meeting immediately following Commissioner’s meeting.


Leven tabled Carol Kellum’s request to transfer overtime money into Personal Service Fund instead of Part-Time Fund.


Dave May with Northern Oklahoma Youth Service presented a proposal for funding to reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency, particularly juvenile violent crime in the amount of $38, 838.00.  Leven stated that the proposal was for a great cause but because we do not have the funding we would have to decline.


Motion was made by Leven and Schieber seconded to approve Chairman Wilson to sign Proxy’s for Fidelity ContraFund Nationwide Life Insurance Company.  Motion carried:  Wilson, aye; Leven, aye; Schieber, aye.


Motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Leven approving the following Resolution:

    Highway Cash Fund-City of Ponca City, Kygar Road Project-$8305.97 (ck#149787)

Motion carried:   Wilson, aye; Leven, aye; Schieber, aye.


Motion was made by Leven and seconded by Schieber to approve the following monthly  reports from the Court Clerk’s office:

            Blackwell Division-Dec 2004, Exhibit A

            Ponca City Division-Dec 2004, Exhibit B

            Newkirk Division-Dec 2004, Exhibit C

Motion carried:  Wilson, aye; Leven, aye; Schieber, aye.


Leven tabled approving/disapproving a uniform payroll plan.







The following purchase orders/claims were approved for payment:




CERTIFICATION FEE FUND, MAINT.:  912, Corporate Express-$8.88; 1996,  Southwest Business Products-$535.52


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY FUND, MAINT.:  2607, AT&T-$7.95; 2687, Allegiance Communications-$13.29; PERSONAL SERVICE:  2692, Kay County-$226.33


GENERAL FUND, MAINT.:  2606, AT&T-$11.36; 2608, AT&T-$9.71; 2632, CODA-$120.00; 2634, AT&T-$19.29; 2637, AT&T-$11.50; 2650, Pitney Bowes-$110.00; 2652, AT&T Wireless-$25.13; 2658, Sac & Fox Juvenile Detention-$561.99; 2659, Eastern Okla. Youth Services-$2451.68; 2671, AT&T-$7.95; 2673, Kay Office Equipment-$150.00; 2674, BancFirst-$342.00; 2675, Central National Bank-$52.00, 2676, American Telephone Inc.-$50.00; 2677, Galaxie Business-$236.24; 2699, AT&T-$21.06; 2706, AT&T-$9.39; PERSONAL SERVICE:  2688, Kay County-$161.35


HEALTH FUND, MAINT:  2490, Holts Toner Source-$60.00; 2610, Debra Ramsey-$135.00; 2694, SBC Long Distance-$141.88; 2695, OK Natural Gas-$655.61; 2696, AT&T Wireless-$101.69; 2697, SBC-$181.51; 2698, Kay County-$5981.91; 2707, Language Line Services-$49.75


HIGHWAY FUND, MAINT.:  115, Lowe’s Companies Inc.-$260.93; 2047, Blackwell Auto Parts-$269.61; 2199, Southwest Truck Parts-$985.61; 2333, Cintas-$663.96; 2389, NAPA-$586.04; 2029, Advanced Warnings-$65.10; 2155, Kelle Oil Company-$363.26; 2509, Farm Plan-$1203.60; 2513, ACCO-$1333.33; 2523, Supply First-$14.80; 2524, Blackwell Coop-$55.22; 2569, OK Natural Gas-$54.37; 2600, ACCO-$1333.34; 2633, Caskey Pest Control-$58.00; 2639, PCWAN LLC-$39.00; 2640, Cross Oil-$744.60; 2641, Centerpoint Energy Arkla-$233.07; 2642, SBC-$103.34; 2644, AT&T-$36.91; 2655, Kelle Oil Company-$567.76; 2672, Pioneer Hydraulics-$30.30; 2684, AT&T Wireless-$72.43; 2700, ACCO-$1333.33; PERSONAL SERVICES:  2689, Kay County-$4641.66; 2690, Kay County-$4517.73; 2691, Kay County-$4555.07


JAIL CASH FUND, MAINT.:  2604, Pioneer Fire and Safety-$123.00


PBA HEALTH FUND, MAINT.:  2667, David & Lisa O’Neal-$635.00


LIEN FEE FUND, MAINT.:  2358, Southwest Business Products-$2600.00


The following resale claims were noted:




Details concerning the above listed purchase orders/claims are available in the County Clerk’s Office.  All records are open to the public, and any person may examine same during regular office hours.


There being no other business, motion was made by Schieber and seconded by Leven to adjourn.   Motion carried:  Wilson, aye; Leven, aye;  Schieber, aye.



















Approved this 31st day of January, 2005.