Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Friday, August 22, 2008

Newkirk, Oklahoma



The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 2:30 p.m., Friday, August 22, 2008, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the regular meeting was posted for public information on August 21, 2008, at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows:  Trustees – Vice-Chairman Carl Giddens; Norris Frederick; Darrel Grossardt; Jim Stieber; Everette Van Hoesen, Kay County Sheriff; Laile Wilson, Kay County Commissioner; Wes Young; JFA Attorney David Cummings; Paul Smith, Financial Advisor; Don Jones, Jail Consultant; Stan Lewis, Architect In Partnership;  Steve Lambert, Lambert Construction; J. C. Estes, Kay County Excise Board Member; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Beverly Bryant, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary (see sign-in sheet).  


Motion made by Young and seconded by Giddens approving regular meeting minutes of August 8, 2008.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Grossardt and seconded by Young to retain Chairman-Bruce Robinson and Vice-Chairman-Carl Giddens, Justice Facilities Authority.  Motion carried.


Architect Stan Lewis reported regarding site selection, site plans, design, construction, costs and utilization of new jail facility.  Lewis presented the site survey prepared by Smith & Oakes, Inc. and the floor plan and site/grading plan prepared by Architects In Partnership.  Lewis said the parcel of the property purchased for the jail was less than ten acres because of a 45-degree section taken off one corner as a right-of-way by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.


Lewis said he would like for the bids to be ready to send out late November or December and open bids from the contractors the first or second week of January.


Gas and electric utilities are available at the site but still need to tie into a sewer and water line, reported Lewis.


Lewis said he has been talking with City of Newkirk’s engineer concerning the water site, quality of water, pressure requirements and size of flow.



No report given from the Architect Liaison Committee.


Sub-Committee Report on Jail Repair Status:  Sheriff Van Hoesen said detention officers cleaned up the sally port; three air conditioning were replaced; air handler needs repaired-getting quotes and will be asking commissioners to fund repairs that will cost around $7,000; replaced a dishwasher for a cost of $900; inmate count showed 114.


Don Jones presented the members a copy of a Proposed Existing Jail Staffing Budget Projections that noted three (3) Administrative positions and twenty-one (21) Detention Officers positions.


Jones questioned who would assume responsibility for the current jail officers’ salaries, if the sales tax funds would take care of the salaries and other expenses incurred by the county.


Attorney David Cummings said the trust indenture may limit the use to new projects only and tax monies may be used to maintain the maintenance and operation for the current facility.  Cummings said tax funds would need to be collected before paying salaries.


Financing of a new jail/timeline of debt issuance:  Financial Advisor Paul Smith reported the matrix is not complete and documents are close to being finished.  Smith said he is still waiting for the 2006-07 county audit.  Smith said he was told by Ricky Branch, State Auditor and Inspector Field Manager, that the field work was done, the audit was in managerial review and the next step will be an exit interview with the County Commissioners.


Cummings said the he and Bond Attorney Brent Clark have fine tuned about 30 closing documents.  He said we are ready to close but still do not have a rate agreement made. 


Cummings commented he did not see the relevance of the counties 2005 audit since the money loaned to this body has no financial history.  He reiterated we are ready to proceed as soon as they will allow us.


Smith suggested to the board to rate lock at $10 million to avoid going back for additional financing at a later time.


Cummings said he had proposed a rate lock from $9 to $12 million to avoid penalties for asking too much.


Smith said he thought the rate lock would have to be for a specific amount.


Mark Lambert, Lambert Construction in Stillwater introduced three different delivery methods to be considered.  1) Design-Bid-Build Method – an architect generates documents, sends them out for bids and the lowest bid is accepted.  2) Construction Management At-Risk (CMR) Method - Construction Manager is hired in the beginning stages; manager oversees day to day situations of building the jail; hires subcontractors and administers their payment; handles the bidding.  CMR provides a guaranteed maximum cost for a project and if the project goes over budget he risks his fees. 3) Construction Management Agency (CMA) – A manager is hired but the county is responsible for the subcontractor and paying necessary bills.


Stan Lewis explained the advantages and disadvantages of the different delivery methods.


After listening to the pros and cons of each of the delivery methods, it was the consensus of the board to obtain a list of CMR’s from the Oklahoma Office of Central Purchasing.


Lewis presented the board with a preliminary estimate of pre-construction services done at the Cleveland County Detention Center as an example.


Much discussion was made by Stan Lewis and Don Jones concerning using an independent cost estimator to provide estimates on schematic design, design development and construction documents. 


Lewis said the cost estimator would make sure we are in line with the bidding of a job.


Lewis added if a CMR is hired they would take care of the pre-construction services and work out estimates for us.


No unscheduled public appearances were made.


There being no other business, motion was made by Giddens and seconded by Grossardt to adjourn (4:05 p.m.).  Motion carried.




Approved this 19th day of September, 2008.



                                                                             Bruce Robinson, Chairman







Tammy Reese, County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority