Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Newkirk, Oklahoma


The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 23, 2007, in Courtroom C on the third floor of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on May 22, 2007, at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, Courtroom C, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the meeting to order.Those present were as follows:Vice Chairman Carl Giddens; Trustees- Norris Frederick, Darrel Grossardt, Everette Van Hoesen, Laile Wilson, Wes Young; Trust Attorney David Cummings; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Wayne White, Newkirk Herald Journal; Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer; Mary Ramey, Kay County Court Clerk; Floyd Harden, Kay County Excise Board; Will Clark, Assistant District Attorney (ADA); Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary. Jim Stieber and Anthony Street were absent.(See sign-in sheet).


Motion was made by Van Hoesen and seconded by Young approving minutes from regular meeting held on May 9, 2007.Motion carried.


Les Johnston, Head Custodian of Courthouse/Jail spoke to the Trustees on problem areas in the jail.The main concern Johnston wanted to stress was the plumbing problems.Johnston said the problems are beyond his ability and estimated a cost of around $60-100,000 to completely repair.He also pointed out a full time maintenance person should be considered to take care of the electrical and plumbing problems in the jail.


Johnston answered questions asked from the Trustees about various other problems in the jail.


Robinson said we understand your dilemma and we sympathize with you but at this time we donít have any answers.


Robinson read Dee Schieberís letter of resignation dated May 10, 2007, declining his service to the Justice Facilities Authority.Robinson acknowledged the fact the Board of Kay County Commissioners, during a recent meeting on May 14, 2007, appointed Commissioner Laile Wilson as Trustee to serve on the Justice Facilities Authority.


Anthony Streetís letter of resignation dated May 10, 2007, was read by Robinson.


Trust Attorney David Cummings said Streetís position will be appointed by Dee Schieber and voted on by the commissioners.


First Assistant District Attorney Will Clark said it will be up to the commissioners as a whole on who is appointed.Clark said Dee Schieber will have initial attempt, but added it is in the commissionerís realm to handle.


Cummings said eight members will proceed as before.


Clark said only three members would legally be able to meet individually.


Robinson and Trustees spoke on meeting held with BKL Architect Firm, Bill Knowles.

Robinson said the firm would have a person serving as a jail consultant who be would be heavily involved.


Young suggested using an individual, not a company.


Robinson discussed recent interviews made and the pros and cons with each applicant that applied for the Jail Consultant position.Robinson stated the outstanding abilities each candidate revealed.


The trustees also discussed budgeting.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Carl Giddens to hire Donald W. Jones at $1,500.00 a month and to make a request to the Board of County Commissioners an amount of $25,000 be included for the JFA in FY 2008ís budget.


Cummings recommended the motion be made subject to a written agreement with Donald W. Jones.


The trustees mentioned several key reasons Jones was selected for the position of jail consultant.


Motion carried.


ADA Will Clark reminded the members that money will not be available until next yearís budget.


New Business:David Cummings informed trustees he received a telephone call from HMN Architects, Inc.


There being no further business, motion was made by Grossardt and seconded by Young to adjourn (5:05 p.m.).















Approved this _____ day of __________, 2007.








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Tammy Reese, County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority