Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Newkirk, Oklahoma



The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 25, 2007, in Courtroom C on the third floor of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on April 24, 2007, at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, Courtroom C, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the meeting to order.Those present were as follows:Vice Chairman Carl Giddens; Trustees- Darrel Grossardt; Wes Young; Norris Frederick; Trust Attorney David Cummings; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, County Clerk/Secretary.Dee Schieber, Everette Van Hoesen, Jim Stieber, and Anthony Street were absent.(See sign-in sheet).


Motion was made by Young and seconded by Grossardt approving minutes from regular meeting held on April 11, 2007.Motion carried.


Visitation to the Pottawatomie County jail facility was discussed.Grossardt mentioned the different methods of operations and the salary of their jail administrator.


Trustees commented staff at Pottawatomie County Jail was impressed with Rodney Bottoms.Bottoms interviewed for Kay County Jail Consultant position.


Robinson felt the trustees gained a lot of value out of visiting the Pottawatomie County jail.Robinson said possible visits in the near future would be made to Creek County and north into Kansas.


Robinson spoke on information the trustees are receiving from architects.He said the trustees need some time to digest these materials.Robinson said when trustees decide on what we need to do he wanted the jail consultant to be involved.He said the jail consultant should be the trusteeís primary focus and he wanted the consultant to be involved in the decision making.


Robinson said at the present time we have three candidates who have expressed interest in the jail consultant position, Rodney Bottoms, Donald W. Jones, and Voorhis Association, Inc.Proís and conís and other concerns were discussed about each candidate from the trustees.


David Cummings said he would contact Voorhis Association.Cummings thinks Voorhis Associationís position is greater than just a jail consultant.


Robinson said he hopes the County Commissioners will consider funding to be set aside for a jail consultantís salary during upcoming budgeting process.


No sub committees were formed, however, Robinson stated he wanted to form committees to study proposals but would prefer to have jail consultant on board first.


Frederick commented on the urgency of the many situations the trustees have before them and told trustees not to miss the opportunity to speak with Kay County jail staff.


New Business:Robinson asked for comments from the audience.Buddy Thomas, Undersheriff, talked about jail doors, transporting inmates, and inmate population.


Giddens questioned why an elderly gentlemen and a mentally disturbed person is incarcerated in the jail.Giddens said he did not think jail was the place for them.


Cummings said, ďIt is not our business, it is public business but it is not this boardís business.We donít have authority over the jail.Ē


Robinson remarked he shared the same concerns.Cummings replied it is not this boards business at this point.


There being no other business, motion was made by Grossardt and seconded by Frederick to adjourn (3:20 p.m.).Motion carried.






Approved this _____ day of __________, 2007.



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Tammy Reese, County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority