The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) of Kay County, Oklahoma, met in regular session at 9:00 o’clock a.m. on Monday, April 17, 2017, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on April 13, 2017, at 8:50 a.m. at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Paul Skidmore called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Jason Shanks, Member; Vance Johnson, Member; Brian Hermanson, District Attorney (DA); Susan Keen, Kay County Assessor; Steve Kelley, Kay County Sheriff; Christy Kennedy, Kay County Treasurer; Don Jones, Kay County Detention Center Director (KCDCD); Dennis Bonewell, Emergency Management Director; Donna Parker, Oklahoma Court Services; David Hollingsworth, River Ridge Construction; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Claude Williams, Taxpayers for Transparency; Tammy Reese, Secretary/Kay County Clerk.  (See sign in sheet).   


Chairman Paul Skidmore led the Flag Salute. 


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving regular meeting minutes of April 10, 2017.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Donna Parker, Oklahoma Court Services, reported 525 hours were completed by 105 clients for April 2017.  She told completed events were done at the Humane Society, Albright Church Breakfast, My Favorite Things, Camp McFadden and Big Cleanup of Ponca City.  Ms. Parker mentioned Kara’s game, Humane Society and Camp McFadden as a few of the upcoming events.


Jail Director Report:  Don Jones, KCDCD, noted 354 (300 males & 54 females) as the current head count, 33 arrested and released over the weekend and 104 for the week, arrested and released from April 1, 2017-224, daily average of 336, high for 24 hour period on April 16, 2017 of 364, 16 inmates sentenced to county time, 72 inmates sentenced to Department of Corrections (DOC)/(waiting to go to prison), backlog 1715 (109%).  The report showed five (5) weekenders and sanctions, 38 paid contracts with BIA (33) and Bridgeway (5), currently are holding 13 inmates on writs (prison to court) and holding six (6) on purge fees.  Commissioner Johnson asked Jones what happens if the numbers keep going up and the jail ends up at full capacity.  Jones told they can try and relocate the DOC inmates.  DA Hermanson said there are approximately 140 serving DOC, BIA, Bridgeway, county time and/or weekenders and Writs that would cut the number down to 209.


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks acknowledging the one day audit that was conducted in accordance with O.S. Title 74 Section 212 with the Kay County Treasurer on February 15, 2017.  Treasurer Christy Kennedy said this is an extra audit that is done so auditors can review and know where we are at the time.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Johnson approving Claim for loss of revenue to Kay County and the School Districts due to the Additional Homestead Exemptions allowed for the year 2016 in the amount of $25,100.00.  Assessor Susan Keen said the last time the additional homestead was refunded was in 1992, but it is being sent in each year.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Johnson approving Adoption Agreement for Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. Governmental Volume Submitter 401(A) Plan.  DA Hermanson said this has been reviewed and stated it is okay.  Shanks mentioned we signed this a few weeks ago.  Clerk Reese said Assistant Billie Chrz reviewed and noted it is removing the KCDC, participation in the plan and readopting the plan.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Road and Bridge Projects/Circuit Engineering District (CED) No.8 Road and Bridge Projects:  

Commissioner Johnson noted his crews were blading, hauling material to roads district wide, boom mowing on Lake Rd., Rockcliff Rd., Prentice, Big Snake Bridge and Enterprise Rd., replaced bridge end markers and repair signs, sprayed weeds at yards, Kildare Rd., Traders Bend Rd., 106 Lane and Furguson Rd. and cleaned out culvert pipe on Rockcliff Rd.


Commissioner Shanks noted his crews were working on a washed out area on LA Cann and noted that road would be closed for a while, working in shop building on trailers and will begin blading roads when they dry out.


Commissioner Skidmore told his crews worked most of the week building the loft in the new shop.  Crews moved equipment from Dewey to new yard, removed trees from Hubbard Rd. project and burned the tree pile, finished painting posts, hauled rock to roads and FEMA projects, fixed culverts and washes around culverts and hauled shale to them, worked on the Hunnewell Bridge, cleaned the ditch and hauled rip rap, graded roads, pulled ditches and built up roads in same area and sprayed the Dewey Street yard.


Chairman Skidmore mentioned he was struggling with a decision regarding lease options on new or used motor graders, purchasing new or used motor graders and the ability to finance.  He told he has looked at many options and thinks his best option would be to release four (4) of the six (6) graders he is turning back in.  Shanks suggested putting the issue back on next week’s agenda to purchase four graders off the state-wide contract, if that is what he wanting to do.  BOCC discussed warranty, reasons for purchasing new and noted the difficulty of working on computerized graders.  No action was taken.


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving to go out for bid on used double asphalt roller and used single axle dump truck for Dist#1.  Johnson stated he has lots of asphalt roads and would like one at his yard instead of always having to borrow the asphalt roller from Dist#3.  He also said he was not seeking to go out on bid for a used tandem axle front wheel drive dump truck at this time.   Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving Change Order No. 1 on 44th Street Rehabilitation, Dist#3 for additional 4” white stripping on both sides of 44th Street and extra square yards of paving in 5th mile, per Tom Simpson, BIA, in the amount of $33,054.70.  Skidmore said this would be paid for the BIA.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Johnson approving the following Public Service Pipeline Crossing Line Installations applications for Thunder Rand Wind Project-10 Crane Walk Road Crossing Permits (below listed on one permit) to erect, construct and maintain a crane crossing along, upon and across the hereinafter said county highway or road for purpose of transporting, selling and using Crane Machinery/Equipment, Dist#3:  SE/4 SE/4 34-25-2W, W. County Line Rd.; SE/4 NE/4 34-25-2W, S. 92nd Str.; SE/4 SE/4 26-25-2W, S. 76th Str.; SE/4 SE/4 26-25-2W, W. Cowboy Hill Rd.; NW/4 NE/4 35-25-2W, W. Cowboy Hill Rd.; SW/4 SE/4 27-25-2W, W. Cowboy Hill Rd.; NW/4 SW/4 27-25-2W, S. 180th Str.; NW/4 NE/4 28-25-2W, W. White Eagle Rd.; NW/4 SW/4 22-25-2W, S. 108th Str.; SE/4 SE/4 22-25-2W, S. 92nd Str.   Commissioners Shanks asked the wind farm was definitely going in and was told it was.  Dennis Bonewell questioned flood plain issues and Skidmore said the flood plain matter was included in the permit.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Johnson approving the following Kay County Monthly Reports for March 2017:  Court Clerk; Health Department, Assessor.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving the following Resolutions to Deposit Funds:  Res#16, 17-143, Child Abuse Prevention-$708.95, jury donations; Res#16, 17-144, Highway Dist#2-$13.61, retired allocated margins from 2000 & 5% of 2015; Res#16, 17-145, Highway Dist#3-$15,000.00, 10 Crane Walk Road Crossing Permits-Thunder Ranch Wind Project; Res#16, 17-146, Highway Dist#1-$26,000.00 (corrected from agenda that read $26.000.00), Bid#2017-13, sale of tractor; Res#16, 17-147, Highway Dist#3-$405.00, culvert pipe extension on 124th Str. Driveway; Res#16, 17-148, Open Dump Reward-$34.37, March 2017 fees for Newkirk Reward Fund.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks accepting only bid received on Bid#2017-14 Washunga Bay Resurfacing Project, Dist#1 (opened in BOCC meeting 4-3-17) from Evans & Associates Construction Co., Inc. in the amount of $1,504,724.00.    Commissioner Johnson said he reviewed the bid and told the job would be on Furguson 106 to River Rd. and Canteen to River Rd. in Dist#2.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


New Business [As per 1991 O.S. 25§311.A.9-‘New Business’, as used herein, shall mean any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting.  None.


DA Hermanson left the meeting to go to court.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Johnson approving Payroll with warrants to be released on April 27, 2017, Blanket Purchase Orders and Maintenance & Operation Claims.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.



2016-2017 Preservation Fee: 6, Underground Vault & Storage Inc, 83.45, Reimburse: 33, Staples, 263.62, Supplies; 34, Southwest Business Products, 33.75, Supplies; 35, Southwest Business Products, 79.85, Measuring wheel; Resale: 28, Forte, 7.48, E check fees; Serv.Fee: 301, Casey, Angela, 153.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 302, Texas County Juv. Det. Center, 71.30, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 303, Communityworks, 1509.08, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 304, Garcia, John, 225.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 305, Tebow, Alma, 69.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 306, Tebow, Daniel L., 69.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 307, Briggs Hardware, 35.46, Supplies; 308, Galaxie Business, 31.44, Oil; 309, Watkins, Earl, 456.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 310, Fleetcor Technologies, 1216.25, Blanket For Fuel; 311, Fleetcor Technologies, 1133.47, Blanket For Fuel; 312, Dept. of Public Safety, 350.00, Blanket for OLETS Service; 313, Whimsey, 52.00, Shirts; 314, Watkins, Bobbie, 105.00, Juvenile Transports; 315, Merrifield Office Plus, 444.59, Chair; 316, Webster, TJ, 174.00, Juvenile Transports; 317, Watkins, Earl, 89.00, Fuel; Drug Court: 90, Staples, 136.49, Blanket For Supplies; Detention Center: 1179, Baumert, Cummings & Hiatt, 1198.60, Blanket For Professional Services; 1180, Fastenal Indus & Const Supplies, 28.21, Blanket For Supplies; 1181, Hubris Communications, 24.95, Blanket for email; 1182, Kay Electric Cooperative, 37.00, Blanket for electric bill; 1183, Lowes Companies Inc., 622.81, Blanket For Supplies; 1184, OK Natural Gas, 1454.68, Blanket for gas bill; 1185, Verizon Wireless, 445.52, Blanket for cell bill; 1186, Oklahoma Correctional Industries, 1772.60, Accessories; 1187, Card Service Center, 747.14, Blanket For Supplies; 1188, Sheraton Hotel, 417.00, Lodging; 1189, McDonald Computer Services LLC, 2000.00, Computer; 1190, Kuhn Mechanical Inc, 200.00, Switch; 1191, McDonald Computer Services LLC, 29.99, Camera; 1192, M & M Mico Systems Inc, 1249.98, Contractual Services; 1193, McDonald Computer Services LLC, 389.97, Toner; 1194, Baskin Hadley & Stevens PC, 2000.00, Professional services; County Sales Tax Fund: 10, Kay County JFA #124183, 251408.41, Tax Collections; General: 1920, Wards Air Conditioning, 2424.00, Repairs; 1921, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 91.00, Lodging; 1922, Card Service Center, 413.98, Blanket for out of county; 1923, AT&T Mobility, 9.60, Cell Phone; 1924, J & P Supply, 689.70, Supplies; 1925, OSU-CTP, 250.00, Training; 1926, OSU-CTP, 75.00, Training; 1927, OSU-CTP, 75.00, Training; 1928, OK Court Services Inc, 2750.00, CSSP; 1929, OK Court Services Inc, 2750.00, CSSP; 1930, Okla. Juvenile Justice SVCS, 255.86, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1931, Craig Co. Detention Center, 575.00, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1932, Eastern Okla Youth Services, 2023.68, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1933, Oklahoma State University, 6143.00, Contractual Services; 1934, Hampton Inn, 182.00, Lodging; 1935, Newkirk Herald Journal, 40.00, Supplies; 1936, Secretary of State, 25.00, Health: 372, Pioneer Fire And Safety, 99.00, Inspections; 373, Parker Pest Control, 178.00, Pest Control; 374, AT&T, 283.13, Phone; 375, Language Line Services, 256.06, Translastion; 376, City of Blackwell, 349.58, Utility Bill; 377, Glasgow, Genevieve, 82.72, Travel; 378, Erika Macy, 82.72, Travel; 379, Martin, Mike, 5121.00, Repairs; 380, Oklahoma State Dept of Health, 33683.31, Payroll; 381, Pearson, 683.76, Forms; 382, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co, 377.08, Booklets & forms; 383, ANCO Services, 2085.00, Janitorial Services; 384, OConner Pharmacy, 12.00, Medicine; 385, Pitney Bowes Reserve Account, 1000.00, Postage; 386, Bintz Pharmacy, 12.00, Medicine; Highway: 1568, Southwest Truck Parts, 252.20, Blanket for parts; 1569, Kay Electric Cooperative, 286.00, Billing; 1570, G & B Auto, 138.00, Blanket for repairs; 1571, AT&T, 230.58, Phone; 1572, Embassy Suites - Norman, 184.00, Lodging; 1573, Birch, 108.36, Telephone; 1574, Deere Credit Inc, 1502.61, Lease payment; 1575, ACG Materials, 2070.00, ; 1576, Hats Auto Supply, 259.99, Tools; 1577, Locke Supply, 132.91, Supplies; 1578, Brandts, 20.99, Parts; 1579, Safety- Kleen Systems Inc, 143.78, Filter Service; 1580, RCB Bank, 3096.08, Lease Purchase Payment; 1581, Southwest Business Products, 63.16, Supplies; 1582, Caterpillar Financial Services Corp, 6723.38, Lease Purchase Payment


Details’ concerning the above listed purchase orders/claims are available in the County Clerk’s Office.  All records are open to the public, and any person may examine same during regular office hours.


There being no other business, motion was made by Skidmore and seconded by Shanks to adjourn, 10:24 a.m.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.























Approved this 24th day of April, 2017.







                    PAUL SKIDMORE, CHAIRMAN



                    JASON SHANKS, MEMBER