The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) of Kay County, Oklahoma, met in regular session at 9:00 o’clock a.m. on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the meeting was posted for public information on February 12, 2016, at 8:50 a.m. at the Courthouse front door, Commissioners Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Vance Johnson called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows:  Jason Shanks, Member (9:02 a.m.); Paul Skidmore, Member; Brian Hermanson, District Attorney (DA); Susan Keen, Kay County Assessor; Sheriff Everette Van Hoesen; Don Jones, Kay County Detention Center Director (KCDCD); Dennis Bonewell, Emergency Management Director; Jan Heffner and Mike Landis, Bear Creek Fire Department; Claude Williams, Taxpayers for Transparency; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, Secretary/Kay County Clerk.  (See sign in sheet). 


Chairman Johnson led the Flag Salute.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Skidmore approving the regular meeting minutes of February 8, 2016.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Skidmore approving Oklahoma Juvenile Affair Claims for November 2015-$1,634.33 and December 2015-$3,477.58.  Motion carried:   Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Stacy Averyt, Oklahoma Court Services, was not in attendance to present the number of community service hour’s defendants worked and the projects they are involved in.


Jail Director Report:  Don Jones, KCDCD, presented a report noting 226 as the current head count, 72 arrested and released over the weekend and 133 for the week, arrested and released from February 1, 2016-244, daily average of 212, minimum amount of inmates-202, maximum amount of inmates-224, high for 24 hour period for February 1, 2016-236, 10 inmates sentenced to county time, eight (8) inmates sentenced to Department of Corrections (DOC)/(waiting to go to prison).  Jones said the DOC was backlogged 966 as of last Monday and was at 120% capacity.  The report showed six (6) weekenders and sanctions, nine (9) paid contracts with BIA and Bridgeway currently are holding four (4) inmates on writs (prison to court).  


Chairman Johnson noted we would come back to Item 7 on the Agenda.


Road and Bridge Projects/Circuit Engineering District (CED) No.8 Road and Bridge Projects:  Commissioner Skidmore reported crews are continuing to dig and haul shale to the roads, hauling sand out of Triple C Pit to the roads, hauling rock, graders have been laying sand, shale and grading roads, working on FEMA sites on the roads hauling and laying shale.  Skidmore said he along with his crews have started repairs on Bridge #135 (Red Walker Bridge).  Crews have been hauling rock and rip rap to the site so we can get to the beams that need repaired.  He noted work was finished on the loader that was bought at auction and it was moved the sandpit so they could start using it.  Skidmore said the environmental crew has not been on site this week.


Commissioner Shanks noted crews finished rocking “O” Street and “P” & “Q” Streets on Canteen Road, Wind Farm roads are being rocked today, blading and will start FEMA Projects next week.


Commissioner Johnson reported his crews are blading and hauling material to roads district wide, ditch cleaning, doing culvert replacement at “U” & Ferguson, asphalt patching Pecan Road south of Coleman Rd., trimming and chipping trees district wide and replacing and repairing road signs and reflectors.


Quotes received for River Road County Fire Department for equipment (REAP Grant):  Northern Safety & Industrial-$5,677.58; Chief Fire & Safety Co., Inc.-$4,772.00; Casco Industries, Inc.-$4,642.00.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Johnson approving to award Casco Industries, Inc. with the low bid of $4,642.00 for the River Road County Fire Department for equipment on a REAP Grant.    Shanks noted this bid is approximately $70 more than the grant was awarded and that River Road County Fire Department will pay remaining balance.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Quotes received for Bear Creek Fire Department for heating/cooling unit (REAP Grant):  Sooner Heating & Air, LLC-$1,677.00; Ward’s Air Conditioning, Inc.-$1,751.00; Stolhand Heating & Air-$971.45.  Ms. Heffner representing Bear Creek Fire Department said she contacted Dawn Brakey, Pioneer Technology Center, and Ms. Brakey obtained these quotes for her because she helps with government competitive bidding.


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving to award to Stolhand Heating & Air-$971.45 (low bid) for the Bear Creek Fire Department for heating/cooling unit (REAP Grant).  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Skidmore approving Title Page for BIA Project, County Road for Kaw Tribe, 44th Street Pavement Rehabilitation Plans, County Road NS 318, Dist#3.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving Agreement by and between the BOCC and the following for remote terminal capabilities in the Assessor’s office:  The Martens Companies.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Skidmore approving District#2 purchasing belly dump trailer ($29,350.00) off State Contract#198.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.


Motion was made by Skidmore and seconded by Shanks approving the following Kay County Monthly Reports for January 2016:  Court Clerk (Newkirk & Ponca City Offices); Health Department; Treasurer.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Skidmore and seconded by Shanks approving the following Resolutions to Deposit Funds:  Res#15, 16-114, PBA-Pioneer Technology Center-$1,935.39, auditing expenses.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Shanks approving the following Transfer of Appropriations:  Highway, District#2 Personal Services-$20,000.00 to Capital Outlay.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


New Business [As per 1991 O.S. 25§311.A.9-‘New Business’, as used herein, shall mean any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting.  Commissioner Johnson began telling about a grant he received.  Clerk Reese asked him if this was unforeseen and Johnson said he just got the letter this morning.  Reese asked if this had been discussed before and Johnson said a few months ago.  DA Hermanson said he didn’t have a problem with Johnson discussing since he just received the letter this morning.  Johnson said he was approved to purchase a skid steer load-$80,000 and a crack sealing machine-$60,000 through the County Road Machinery and Equipment Revolving Fund for FY 2016.  Johnson also told that Commissioner Skidmore had been approved to purchase a truck tractor and a belly dump trailer; Skidmore said he was declining due to funding.


Motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Skidmore approving Blanket Purchase Orders.  Motion carried:   Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye. 


Motion was made by Skidmore and seconded by Shanks approving Maintenance & Operations claims.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.



2015-2016 PBA: 17, Ultimate Pest Management LLC, 44.00, Pest Control; Preservation Fee: 6, Kellpro Computer, 2596.50, Equipment; Reimburse: 33, Computer Mapping Co., 300.00, COMPUTER SOFTWARE; Serv.Fee: 251, Tebow, Alma, 297.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 252, Tebow, Daniel L., 645.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 253,Kansas Turnpike Authority, 45.60, Blanket for turnpike fees; 254, Tebow, Daniel L., 432.00, Blanket For Juvenile Transport; 255, Fleetcor Technologies, 1044.70, Blanket For Fuel; 256, OK Dept. of Public Safety, 350.00, Blanket for OLETS Service; 257, Watch Guard Video, 52.50, Supplies; Training: 13, Card Service Center, 137.83, Out Of County Expense;     Drug Court: 59, Layton, Jennifer, 1500.00, Attorney Attendance Fees; 60, Ramey Price Cutter Supermarkets, 168.62, Supplies; 61, Ball Trophy & Engraving Co., 100.00, Plaques; 62, Gold-N-Treasures, 117.36, Key Fobs; 63, Staples, 73.47, Office Supplies; 64, Ok Court Services, 7000.00, Coordinator Fees; 65, Redwood Reditest Screening Devices, 10.60, Supplies; 66, Redwood Reditest Screening Devices, 997.50, Testing;

County Sales Tax Fund: 893, Baumert, Cummings & Hiatt, 1057.60, Blanket For Professional Services; 894, Kay Electric Cooperative, 50.31, Blanket for electric bill; 895, Baumert, Cummings & Hiatt, 1208.85, Blanket For Professional Services; 896, Lowes Companies Inc., 317.07, Blanket For Supplies; 897, Hubris Communications, 24.95, Blanket for email; 898, OK Natural Gas, 1698.22, Blanket for gas bill; 899, Verizon Wireless, 121.64, Blanket for cell bill; 900, Sysco Foods of Oklahoma, 18581.93, Blanket for food; 901, Fuelman Of Oklahoma, 272.10, Fuel; 902, COPS Products LLC, 664.50, Equipment; 903, Ultimate Pest Management LLC, 495.00, Pest Control; 904, Pioneer Fire And              Safety, 375.00, Fire Extinguishers; 905, Kay County JFA #124183, 298432.81, Tax Collections;

General: 1596, Ultimate Pest Management LLC, 370.00, Lawn Care; 1597, Sac & Fox Juvenile Detention, 781.07, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1598, Galaxie Business, 40.00, Copier contract; 1599, Fusion, 262.24, Telephone; 1600, Juniors Locks & Alarms, 90.00, Repairs; 1601, Eastern Okla Youth Services, 1627.50, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1602, Craig Co. Detention Center, 1412.66, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1603, Okla. Juvenile Justice SVCS, 1093.22, Blanket For Juvenile Detentions; 1604, AT&T, 60.00, Internet; 1605, OSU-CTP, 90.00, Training; 1606, OSU/CLGT, 125.00, Registration; 1607, Hampton Inn & Suites - Tulsa Central, 356.00, Lodging; 1608, Spok Inc, 177.81, Pager Service; 1609, Juniors Locks & Alarms, 95.00, Repairs; 1610, Quality Water Service, 39.25, Water; 1611, OK Court Services Inc, 2750.00, Community Service Coordinator; 1612, AT&T, 82.00, Internet; 1613, AT&T, 514.44, Phone; 1614, AT&T, 288.18, Phone; 1615, Younger-Holmes Electrical Contractors, 240.00, Repairs; 1616, Oklahoma State University, 3132.00, Contractual Services; 1617, Circuit Engineering District #8, 70.50, Signs; 1618, Wells Plumbing, 735.70, Plumbing Repairs; 1619, OK Dept Of Labor, 125.00, Inspections; 1620, Floor Care Specialists, 1955.00, Floor Care; 1621, Lisa Kubik, 270.00, Professional services; 1622, McDonald Computer Services LLC, 119.97, Service call; 1623, Wells Plumbing, 170.00, Repairs; 1624, Staples, 49.99, Antivirus; 1625, Harrell Automotive & Recovery, 180.00, Repairs; 1626, McDonald Computer Services LLC, 39.99, Tech Service; 1627, Southwest Business Products, 27.70, Stamp; 1628, Southwest Business Products, 30.39, Envelopes; 1629, Merrifield Office Plus, 318.00, Paper; 1630, TASC, 8750.00, Contractual Services; 1631, Southwest Business Products, 146.55, Office Supplies; 1632, Randys Tower Service, 1509.20, Radio Service; 1633, Pioneer Fire And Safety, 90.00, Extinguisher inspections; 1634, Secretary of State, 20.00, Renewal; Health: 290, Safe Kids Worldwide, 50.00, Certification Class; 291, Newkirk Family Health Center, 45.00, Blanket for x-rays; 292, City of Blackwell, 378.32, electric bill; 293, Merrifield Office Plus, 42.00, File folders; 294, Southwest Business Products, 437.78, Ink Cartridge; 295, Southwest Business Products, 360.55, Supplies; 296, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical, 653.60, Supplies; 297, Southwest Business Products, 216.79, Supplies; 298, Shred-It USA, 57.27, Shredding; 299, Harley, Wanda, 17.25, Travel; Highway: 1284, Locke Auto Parts, 501.97, Blanket for parts; 1285, O Reilly Auto Parts, 204.63, Parts; 1286, ACG Materials, 4581.38, Crusher Run; 1287, Brandts, 142.26, Blanket for parts; 1288, G & B Auto, 488.00, Blanket for repairs; 1289, OK Natural Gas, 53.17, Gas bill; 1290, John Deere Financial, 7461.15, Lease Purchase Payment; 1291, John Deere Financial, 1502.61, Lease Purchase Payment; 1292, Sober Brothers, 2679.39, Native Material; 1293, Eakins, Thomas A, 75.00, Medical; 1294, Grant County Dist #3, 3842.95, ; 1295, Rockmount Research & Alloys, 360.00, Tools; 1296, Kirby Smith, 18.47, Keys; 1297, Kay Electric Cooperative, 256.00, Billing; 1298, Cross Oil, 5990.21, Fuel;1299, Kirby Smith, 680.68, Parts; 1300, MHC Kenworth, 836.16, Filters; 1301, S & K Direct Steel LLC Inc, 39.27, Gases; 1302, Cross Oil, 2475.00, Oil; 1303, Grant County Dist #3, 625.02, Rock; 1304, Shanks, Jason R, 201.49, Travel; 1305, Kirby Smith, 786.19, Parts; 1306,

Johnson, Vance Howard, 161.14, Travel; 1307, Office Of Management & Enterprise Service, 4678.20, Reimbursement; Co.Improve.: 1, Peak Uptime, 1724.39, Equipment


A question was asked regarding a Drug Court purchase order and Judge Ross came to the meeting to explain.  He told the BOCC the Drug Court is funded by the State Department of Mental Health and fees paid by the participants and no county funds were used.  Judge Ross went on to say the BOCC approves and signs the contract and that the money and purchasing is funneled through the county.

Details’ concerning the above listed purchase orders/claims are available in the County Clerk’s Office.  All records are open to the public, and any person may examine same during regular office hours.


There being no other business, motion was made by Skidmore and seconded by Shanks to adjourn, 10:50 a.m.  Motion carried:  Johnson, aye; Shanks, aye; Skidmore, aye.












Approved this 22nd day of February, 2016.








                 VANCE JOHNSON, CHAIRMAN



                 PAUL SKIDMORE, MEMBER