Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Regular Meeting

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kay County Detention Center

Newkirk, OK 74647


The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facility Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 2:30 p.m. Friday, August 12, 2011 in the Sheriff’s Training Room of the Kay County Detention Center (KCDC) in Newkirk, OK.  Notice of the regular meeting was posted for public information on August 11, 2011 at the Kay County Detention Center front door and Sheriff’s Training Room door, in Newkirk, OK.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the regular meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Trustees – Carl Giddens; Wes Young; Darrel Grossardt; Steve Austin; Don Jones, Jail Consultant; Jody Burd, Director KCDC; Harold Hughs, Deputy Director KCDC; David Cummings, JFA Attorney; Ron Stevens, Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, P.C.; Bill & Claude Williams, Taxpayers for Transparency; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; W. Lee Stout, Kay County Special District Judge; Frank Cummings; Holly Cline, Kay County Deputy Clerk (see sign in sheet). Trustees Jim Stieber, Norris Frederick and Everette Van Hoesen, Absent.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Wes Young approving the regular meeting minutes of July 8, 2011.  Motion carried.


Jail Consultant Report: Don Jones reported that a contract with the Department of Corrections (DOC) was being pursued currently. DOC will inspect the detention center Monday, August 15, 2011.  Jones indicated that 60 policy and procedures must coincide with the DOC policies to obtain these contracts to house prisoners.  The current population of the detention center is down but the staffing is at full capacity.  Jones also indicated that all systems should be checked and rechecked as the warranty time period is coming to an end.  Jones also reported that recently some other facilities have had trouble with hacking into their systems and that the detention center has safeguards to prevent such occurrences. Jones is working on getting a letter from Sierra to insure hacking won’t happen.


Jail Director Report – Jody Burd reported that the current head count is 165.  Since Burd took over the directors position in February, 2011 there have been 1634 prisoners with a daily high of 196 and a low of 136.  Burd said jail schooling is complete, training is continuing weekly.  Warranty issues are being addressed and notated.  DOC will do initial inspection to contract prisoners. 


Accountant Report – Ron Stevens, Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, P.C. presented financial reports as of July 31, 2011 including the Statement of Net Assets and Statement of Activities.  Stevens indicated that approximately $316,000 was deposited in County Sales Tax.  There has been a 15.5% increase in sales tax revenue.  All expenditures are within budget and the utilities are running lower than expected.

Motion was made by Wes Young and seconded by Carl Giddens to authorize reimbursement to the Sheriff’s Department in the amount of $3,540.87 for the payment of an unemployment claim.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Steve Austin and seconded by Darrel Grossardt to authorize reimbursement to KCDC FY2012 maintenance and operation budget for workman’s compensation in the amount of $47,978.00 and liability insurance in the amount of $52,233.00.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Carl Giddens and seconded by Darrel Grossardt approving the following requisitions for payment: David Cummings, JFA Attorney, $190.51, fees for July 2011; Don Jones, Jail Consultant, $1,700.00, fees for July 2011; Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, P.C., $1,753.75, fees for July 2011; Galls, an Aramark Company, $524.19, pro copper console for emergency lighting.


Judge W. Lee Stout appeared to discuss possible upgrade to current video conference system between jail and courthouse.  Current system does not support the court’s needs.  All equipment at the jail can be utilized but upgrades at the courthouse would allow the system to be utilized at a greater level in the future.  Stout presented recommendations from the Dept of Mental Health and a quote obtained for the Polycom system in the amount of $19,982.16 to upgrade the system.  Stout also indicated a grant from the Oklahoma Bar Association in the amount of $1,100 for a sound system would help reduce the cost of the  upgrade.  Jody Burd will assist in negotiations for equipment.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Steve Austin to approve the upgrade of the videoconference and communication equipment not to exceed the amount of $19,982.16.  Motion carried.


No unscheduled public appearances were made.


Motion was made by Carl Giddens and seconded by Wes Young to adjourn at 3:16 p.m.  Motion carried.




Approved this 9th day of September, 2011.



                                                                        Bruce Robinson, Chairman





Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority