Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Regular Meeting

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kay County Detention Center

Newkirk, OK 74647


The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 2:30 p.m. Friday, May 13, 2011 in the Sheriff’s Training Room of the Kay County Detention Center (KCDC) in Newkirk, OK.  Notice of the regular meeting was posted for public information on May 12, 2011, at the Kay County Detention Center front door and Sheriff’s Training Room door, in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the regular meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Trustees – Steve Austin; Norris Frederick (2:40 p.m.); Carl Giddens; Darrel Grossardt; Jim Stieber; Everette Van Hoesen; Wes Young; Don Jones, Jail Consultant; Jody Burd, Director KC DC; Harold Hughs, Deputy Director KCDC, Melissa Sprueill, Administrative Assistant; Ron Stevens, Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, P.C.;  Judge Stout; Brian Hermanson, District Attorney; Jim Gondles, American Correctional Association (ACA);  Dale Oard, Blackwell; Bill & Claude Williams, Taxpayers for Transparency; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk/Secretary (see sign in sheet). 


Motion was made by Everette Van Hoesen and seconded by Steve Austin approving the regular meeting minutes of April 8, 2011. Motion carried.


Combined report and discussion of new jail operations to cover the first 120 days of the new jail occupancy; Jail Consultant Report by Don Jones; Jail Director Report by Jody Burd as follows:


Jail Consultant Don Jones began by saying it has been approximately 164 days since moved into the new facility.  Jones said most of the big items such as maintenance and warranty issues have been taken care of.  He said the jail is very clean and he couldn’t be more pleased with Director Jody Burd and his staff.  Jones said the transport vehicles have been used efficiently and have 8,000 miles or less.


Chairman Robinson noted how pleased he was with the great job Jody Burd was doing. 


Sheriff Van Hoesen commented he and Burd are working well with each other and he considered them a great team.


Wes Young said he is at the jail at least twice a week and praised Supervisor Burd and his staff for the great job all of them are doing.


Jim Stieber commented for three years in the newspapers only negative remarks were made regarding jail issues, but now things are great.  He mentioned a remark made by the State Jail Inspector expressing the new jail was a model facility. Stieber added it would be great to see a positive article in the paper letting everyone know of the turnaround.


Darrel Grossardt said he would like to reiterate the previous comments and added Jody Burd and Harold Hughs are doing an excellent job with professionalism. 


Darrel Grossardt and Jim Stieber said it was the consensus of the JFA that Director Jody Burd and his staff are doing an excellent job and asked it be noted in the minutes.


Wes Young talked about the faith-based program.  Young said it is apparent God is at work here.  He said he had no idea the community would get so involved with this program; there are 50 volunteers, lots of donations and the basic needs are being met.  Young mentioned some of the programs offered are GED, DUI and anger management.  He said he has noticed spiritual growth through this program, all is going great and everyone is working well together.  God is at work here!


Director Burd reported the daily inmate count as 169; the number is up around 50 inmates since moving in.  He said he had nothing major to report; working on warranty and budget issues.


Don Jones said the budget will be submitted for review at the next JFA meeting.


Burd said he received a DOC check in the amount of $145,000 and sent a bill to DOC for $38,000.  He said that account should be totaling around $300,000.  Burd noted the inmate phone calls generate around $4,000 a month.


Burd said he has been trying some energy efficient techniques and was able to save $800 on electricity this past month.  He noted long term this will really help.


Ron Stevens, JFA Accountant, presented the JFA with the following information ending April 30, 2011:  Eastman National Bank down from previous month due to transfer of $425,000 into personal services and maintenance and operations; May 2011 sales tax received-$276,310.11; Incarceration fees-$109,834.45; Net ordinary income-$90,524; Sales Tax Debt Service-$1,426,274.34; Sales tax projections continues to be up.


Stevens and Burd discussed capital funds that are still outstanding and answered questions regarding the matter.


Paving Dry Road:  Jody Burd briefly mentioned some of the problems (smoke alarms) they are experiencing due to the dust on the road. 


Don Jones suggested using construction funds to pay for paving Dry Road.


Discussion regarding bidding process was made.


Motion was made by Steve Austin and seconded by Jim Stieber approving to asphalt or concrete Dry Road from Highway 77 to west of District 2 driveway.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Austin and seconded by Grossardt to rescind above motion.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Austin and seconded by Grossardt approving to solicit bids for concrete or asphalt on Dry Road from Highway 77 to west of District 2 driveway and additional parking area.  Motion carried.


Steve Austin told the JFA the Courthouse has had a T1 line through One-Net but recently there has been router problems occurring.  He said the cost for the T1 line per year is $6,400.  Austin said several of the county officers are not using the T1 line anymore and mentioned relocating.


Judge Stout told the JFA he would like to continue the use of the T1 line for the purpose of video/teleconference initial arraignments.  He also mentioned the benefits of using the T1 line and who benefited.


Jody Burd said he would make contacts regarding the T1 line.


No action was taken.


Motion was made by Wes Young and seconded by Jim Stieber approving to extend the ABL Inmate Food Contract for an additional year beginning July 1, 2011.   Burd said the inmates received 2,700 calories per day and said he was satisfied with the service.  He mentioned the food was good and even some of the employees eat the meals.  Motion carried.


Jody Burd made a request to the JFA to purchase carpet for reception and inmate visitation area to help with noise reduction.  He mentioned other options and costs involved and felt carpeting was the best solution.  Harold Hughs said they had put carpet (donated carpet) down in the recreational room and it made a huge difference.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Carl Giddens approving purchasing carpet from Anderson Flooring for the reception and inmate visitation area for noise reduction.  Motion carried.


Jim Stieber went over the original bid for the Maintenance Building and explained Change Order #2-$810 for the electrician to extend line to meter.


Many questions were asked and it was decided the board needs more clarification regarding this change.


No action was taken.


Use tax:  Don Jones mentioned when the sales tax passed to build the new jail the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) had the choice to enact a use tax as well, but the majority of the BOCC voted against the use tax.  Jones said out of the 76 counties that have the sales tax only six (6) counties do not have the use tax.  He explained how the use tax worked and an estimate of what the use tax could generate.  Jones said he thought it was time to revisit this issue and said it could be used to help pay off the debt service.  He also mentioned the decline in economy and budget areas have changed over the past few years.


Darrel Grossardt added there is no method of forcing this tax on citizens.


Motion was made by Grossardt and seconded by Wes Young approving to ask BOCC to consider enacting the allowable use tax and to put the matter on BOCC agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Grossardt and seconded by Austin approving the following Requisitions submitted for payment:  David Cummings, JFA Attorney-$788.48, attorney and miscellaneous fees for April 2011; Don Jones, Jail Consultant,-$1,800.00, consulting fees for April 1-30, 2011; Baskin Stevens & Freeland-$2,350.00, accounting fees for period ending April 30, 2011; Lektron Lighting & Supply, Inc.-$4,795.13, Invoice#43762; Ward’s Air Conditioning, Inc.-$3,723.00, Invoice#34150; U.S. Cavalry-$6,839.62, Invoice#SI1469672; L A Police Gear Inc.-$3,160.00, Invoice#1103876; Hembree & Hodgson Construction, 2nd payment,-$30,983.85, Invoice#1506 (does not include Change Order#2).  Motion carried.


James Gondles, American Correctional Association (ACA), formerly from Ponca City, gave a brief biography of his life and his work experiences.  Gondles explained how to become ACA accredited and the benefits.  He said he is focusing on Oklahoma’s jail standards and initiating becoming accredited.  Gondles said Oklahoma and Tulsa County are the only counties in Oklahoma that are accredited; if Kay County would become accredited it would be one of the first smaller counties.


Ron Stevens, JFA Accountant, said in his business it is helpful and it is a benefit to be able to verify that you are following proper procedures by being accredited.


The JFA will take into consideration.


Unscheduled Public Appearances:  Sheriff Van Hoesen invited JFA to attend a Northern Oklahoma Police Association to be held May 26, 2011.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Wes Young to adjourn at 4:13 p.m.  Motion carried.






Approved this 10th day of June, 2011.











                                                                        Bruce Robinson, Chairman














Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority