Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, Ok


The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 2:30 pm Friday, June 11, 2010, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma. Notice of the regular meeting was posted for public information on June 10, 2010, at the Courthouse front door, Commissioner Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the regular meeting to order at precisely 2:30 pm. Those present were as follows: Trustees Gary Martin; Jim Stieber; Laile Wilson, Kay County Commissioner; Wes Young; Kay County Sheriff Everette Van Hoesen; Carl Giddens; Don Jones, JFA Jail Consultant; David Cummings, JFA Attorney; Ron Stevens, Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, PC; Butch Byrd, Sedalco Construction Services; Matt Groves, Architects in Partnership (AIP); Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator; Steve Kelley, Kay County Undersheriff; Brian Hermanson; Judge W. Lee Stout; Nixie Goff, Blackwell Journal Tribune; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Bill & Claude Williams, Taxpayers for Transparency; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Holly Beck, Kay County Deputy Clerk. Members Norris Frederick & Darrel Grossardt, absent.


Motion was made by Everette Van Hoesen and seconded by Wes Young approving regular meeting minutes of May 14, 2010. Motion carried.


Ron Steven, Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, PC, presented the trustees with a Cash Activity Report for the month ending May 31, 2010 and a Draft Budget Report for the year ending June 30, 2010. Stevens reviewed both reports with the authority and answered questions.


Sheriff Everette Van Hoesen reported smooth operations at the jail with an inmate count of 132.


Report regarding site plans, design, construction, utilities, costs and utilization of new jail facility: Matt Groves, AIP, reported that there is a crack throughout the floor slab and that said crack is purely a cosmetic issue. He indicated AIP would consult with Sedalco how to rectify issue.


Construction Progress Report from Sedalco Construction Services: Butch Byrd, Project Manager, Sedalco, reported that work on the HVAC system would be wrapping up and the Fire Marshal was set to inspect on Tuesday, June 14, 2010. Kitchen equipment is operational and the Health Department was tentatively scheduled for inspection on June 23 2010. Training on kitchen equipment is also scheduled for June 23, 2010. Tentative schedule for training on security equipment to begin July 19, 2010 with three levels of training: Maintenance, Security & Administrative Operations. Landscaping in progress, rain has held up sod placement, trees are in the process of being staked. Electrical system is operational and online. Training on water filtration/softener system, sewage & fire alarm systems would begin on June 18, 2010. AIP punch list expected to be week of the June 28, 2010. Steve Kelley & Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator working on scheduling current and new employees for training. Kelley pointed out that overtime could become an issue.


Steve Kelley, Undersheriff presented quotes on furniture and office equipment for the new facility: Galaxie Business $45,721.03; Southwest Business $45,837.50 & Galaxie Business $6440.00 for total of $52,277.50; OCI $41633.04 and Galaxie Business $13, 279.40 for a total of $54, 912.44. Kelley indicated Galaxie Business could provide everything needed & install for the lowest price.


Motion was made by Wes Young and seconded by Jim Stieber to accept Galaxie Business as supplier for furniture and office equipment. Motion carried.


Steve Kelley presented two quotes for dispatch radio equipment and radio towers: Lam Communications Equipment and 70 ft tower, $19296.00; Total Com Equipment and 60 ft tower, $22,803.00. Kelley noted that the county currently works with Lam Communications and happy with the service provided.


Motion was made by Carl Giddens and seconded by Everette Van Hoesen to accept Lam Communications as the vendor for dispatch radio equipment and towers. Motion carried.


Overtime for Bill Dewey, Jail Maintenance: Undersheriff Kelley said Dewey had been called out several times for sewer problems at the existing jail resulting in overtime of $304.50.


Motion was made by Gary Martin and seconded by Wes Young to approve the overtime in the amount of $304.50 for Bill Dewey. Motion carried.


Overtime for Matthew Ware, Jailer: Undersheriff Kelley told the Authority that Ware had stayed late to help with search and seizures in the felony pod of the existing facility.


Motion was made by Carl Giddens and seconded by Wes Young to approve overtime in the amount of $23.82 for Matthew Ware. Motion carried.


Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator, explained Bill Dewey, Jail Maintenance, would need training to operate and maintain lock system at new jail. He recommended RR Brink Lock School in Sherwood, IL at approximate cost for training & travel estimated at $1,822.00. Discussion took place regarding need for training & cross training of employees and on the warranty & maintence contracts of the lock system.


Motion was made by Everette Van Hoesen and seconded by Wes Young to approve sending Bill Dewey for training at the RR Brink Lock School. Motion carried.


Jeff Buechler presented a list of tools/equipment needed for maintenance and daily operation for a total of $687.97.


Motion was made by Carl Giddens and seconded by Everette Van Hoesen to purchase the tools/equipment needed. Motion carried.


Jeff Buechler mentioned that CLEET School begins July 19, 2010. He also stated that new unlicensed transport officers would need to attend the 13 week course in order to be available and licensed for service when the new jail is operational.


Motion was made by Wes Young and seconded by Gary Martin to approve the hiring of transport officers earlier than previously anticipated in order to facilitate sending any unlicensed new hires to CLEET School by July 19, 2010. Motion carried.


Motion was made by Carl Giddens and seconded by Jim Stieber approving the following requisitions submitted for payment: David Cummings, Attorney fees and advance expenses for May, 2010, in the amount of $1,593.35; Don Jones, Consulting fees for May 2010 - $2300.00; Baskin Stevens & Freeland, P.C., accounting fees for May 2010, in the amount of $1412.40; Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator, total mileage for May 17, 2010 through June 10, 2010, in the amount of $401.50; Bill Dewey, Jail Maintenance, travel claims totaling $30.00; Sedalco Construction Services, fees and expenses, Application # 14, Project No. 0720, in the amount of $363,495.23; Architects in Partnership (AIP) Project # 0720, Invoice #7 in the amount of $148,677.42; City of Newkirk, utility bill and power adjustment - $1004.73; City of Newkirk, water - $25.47; American Telephone, Invoice #23470, administrative telephone system & provider with optional equipment add-ons - $22,765.00; Jack Bowker Ford, 2010 Ford F150 4x4 Super Crew (for used by Bill Dewey, Jail Maintenance) - $23,365.00. Motion carried.


Judge W.L. Stout made an unscheduled public appearance to inquire on the status of video arraignment system. Bruce Robinson indicated the JFA would consult the court before any decisions are made on the court house end and directed Jeff Buechler to consult with Judges Boyd and Stout in the near future.


Motion was made by Gary Martin and seconded by Everette VanHoesen to adjourn at 3:27 p.m. Motion carried.



Approved this 12th day of July, 2010.


Bruce Robinson, Chairman




Tammy Reese, Kay County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority