Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Friday, May 14, 2010

Newkirk, Oklahoma



The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in regular session at 2:30 p.m. Friday, May 14, 2010, in the Commissioners Court of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.  Notice of the regular meeting was posted for public information on May 13, 2010, at the Courthouse front door, Commissioner Court, and basement handicapped entrance of the Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk, Oklahoma.


Chairman Bruce Robinson called the regular meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Trustees–Norris Frederick; Darrel Grossardt; Gary Martin; Jim Stieber; Laile Wilson, Kay County Commissioner; Wes Young; Kay County Sheriff Everette Van Hoesen; Don Jones, JFA Jail Consultant; David Cummings, JFA Attorney; Ron Stevens, Baskin, Stevens & Freeland, PC; Butch Byrd, Sedalco Construction Services; Stan Lewis, Architects in Partnership (AIP); Nathan Atchison, Finley & Cook CPA; Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator; Nixie Goff, Blackwell Journal Tribune; Scott Cloud, Newkirk Herald Journal; Bill and Claude Williams, Taxpayers for Transparency; Sharon Rowen, Ponca City News; Tammy Reese Kay County Clerk/Secretary.  Member Carl Giddens, absent.


Motion was made by Laile Wilson and seconded by Darrel Grossardt approving regular meeting minutes of April 9, 2010.  Motion carried. 


Motion was made by Everette Van Hoesen and seconded by Wes Young approving special meeting minutes of April 13, 2010.  Motion carried.


Nathan Atchison, Finley & Cook CPA, said the 2009 audit was done and that it went well; he said a good format was in place and was maintained properly.  Atchison said the report was filed with the State Auditor and Inspector’s (SA&I) office and there were no issues and all went well with the SA&I’s office.


Atchison said preparations are now being made for the 2010 audit.  He noted he will be working hand-in-hand with Ron Stevens to assure all is in place.


David Cummings suggested having a meeting with the JFA Board, someone from the SA&I office, Ron Stevens and Nathan Atchison to make sure we are primed.


Ron Stevens, Baskin Stevens & Freeland, PC, presented the trustees with a Cash Activity Report for the month ending April 30, 2010, and a Draft Budget Report for the year ending June 30, 2010.  Stevens reviewed both reports with the authority and answered questions.


There was no discussion regarding the existing jail facility.


Report regarding site plans, design construction, utilities, costs and utilization of new jail facility:  Stan Lewis, AIP, said the job is going well and looking good.  He did a walk through and questions were resolved, looked at sample colors for the shower stalls, furniture coming in, phone system will need to start filtering into the building, Fire Marshal here June 15, 2010, and cleaning crew is scheduled.  Lewis estimated the end of June for a completion time.


Lewis discussed the roofing material and suggested a 10 year warranty; he said a 20 year warranty is more expensive and he never recommends extended warranties on roofs because if it is going to leak it will do so in the first 10 years; he said it will not be a pro-rated amount.


Construction Progress Report from Sedalco Construction Services:  Butch Byrd, Project Manager, Sedalco, reported work is going well.  Bryd said Earthworks is spreading top soil and irrigators will begin running trenches on Monday, May 17th, emergency generator test will be done on Wednesday, May 19th, security system installed first week of June and in-house pre-test will be done the week of June 7, 2010.  Regarding the utility bill and the usage; Bryd estimated a 65 percent usage.  Bryd is still looking at the 1st of July for the substantial completion date.


Chairman Robinson introduced the newly hired Jail Administrator, Jeff Buechler, to those in attendance.  Buechler will begin on Monday, May 17, 2010.


Inmate telephone system and provider:  Darrel Grossardt indicated three responses were received as follows:  Intelmate, LLC, Ontario, OR, Public Communications Services (PCS), Inc., Los Angeles, CA and Securus Technologies, Inc., Dallas, TX.  Grossardt said after much consideration the committee recommended PCS; he said the county currently uses PCS, PCS offers the highest return percentage, a $13,000 signing bonus, minimal training time that the other two companies did not offer.  Grossardt explained how the system works and said the jail would receive 55 percent of the gross revenue with no cost to the county for installation.  Grossardt noted there are no incoming calls allowed on this system.


Motion was made by Wes Young and seconded by Everette Van Hoesen accepting Public Communications Services (PCS) as the provider for the inmate telephone system for the new jail building.  Motion carried.


Administrative telephone system and provider:  Grossardt commented two responses were received as follows:  American Telephone, Inc., Ponca City, OK and Chickasaw Telecom, Inc., Tulsa.  He said both were excellent companies, however, the committee recommended going with the local company, American Telephone, Inc., Ponca City, headquartered in Tulsa, reasons were $6,000.00 less in expense and better response time during an outage.  The land line system package price-$18,400.00, optional equipment as follows:  one computer/telephone interface software-$720.00; one call cueing package-$1,250.00; one certified training for one employee-$450.00; one call accounting system-$1,945.00.  The cost with the optional equipment and add-ons totaled $22,765.00.

Motion was made by Everette Van Hoesen and seconded by Norris Frederick to follow committee’s recommendation accepting American Telephone, Inc., Ponca City, OK with the optional equipment add-ons totaling $22,765.00 for the administrative telephone system and provider for the new jail building.  Motion carried.


Vehicles and vehicle equipment for jail transport:  Discussion took place regarding purchasing two (2) Chevrolet Impala’s with police package for jail administrative and jail administrative assistant-$42,220.00, one (1) Ford F150 crew cab for maintenance personnel-$23,455.02 and two (2) Ford F350 12 passenger vans-$43,074.00; total vehicle purchase-$108,749.02 plus total vehicle equipment-$14,000.00 amounting to $122,749.02.  Questions were asked regarding the need for these vehicles and the necessity for equipping units.  Don Jones and others answered questions and stated statutes on why vehicles were needed and why they must be equipped with police packaging.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Wes Young approving the vehicle purchase as stated above by Don Jones, with the option to purchase locally.  Motion carried.


Don Jones mentioned estimated operational expenses such as fuel-$500, tags-$1000 and insurance-$2500, jail administrator moving expenses-$5000, reimbursable expenses-$500, telephone-$200 and establishing internet service-$1500 for the remainder of the FY 2009-10.


FY 2010-2011 Budget:  Don Jones discussed budgeting items for 2010-11 stating what positions would need to be in place by August 1, the next level to be added by September 1 and remaining 16 positions to be added by October 1, 2010, with one part time personnel added November 1, 2010, indicating there would be 34 full time positions. Jones then talked about operational expenses and quoted the Jail Budget for FY 2010-2011 for operational expenses and staff budgeting in the amount of $1,959,400.00. 


Jones told Sheriff Van Hoesen he would need to budget 16 jailer positions for July through October, 2010, with the $2.00 pay increase to be funded by the County Sales Tax.


Motion was made by Gary Martin and seconded by Jim Stieber approving proposed staff budget and operational expenses for FY 2010-2011.  Motion carried.


Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator, salary and hiring an administrative clerk was mentioned.


Motion was made by Gary Martin and seconded by Everette Van Hoesen authorizing Jeff Buechler, Jail Administrator, to search for an assistant jail administrator and administrative clerk positions.  Motion carried. 


Motion was made by Everette Van Hoesen and seconded by Darrel Grossardt approving the following Requisitions submitted for payment:  David Cummings, Attorney fees and advance expenses for April, 2010, in the amount of $2,786.20; Don Jones, Consulting fees for April 2010-$2,300.00; Baskin Stevens & Freeland, P.C., accounting fees for April 2010, in the amount of $912.50; Sedalco Construction Services, fees and expenses, Application No. 13, Project No. 0720, in the amount of $533,114.31; City of Newkirk-$1,565.62, utility bill for electric and power adjustment; City of Newkirk-$34.06, water.    Motion carried. 


No unscheduled public appearances were made.


Motion was made by Darrel Grossardt and seconded by Wes Young to adjourn at 3:58 p.m.  Motion carried.








Approved this 11th day of June, 2010.




                                                                             Bruce Robinson, Chairman






Tammy Reese, County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Secretary, Kay County Justice Facilities Authority