Kay County Justice Facilities Authority

Friday, May 12, 2017

Kay County Detention Center

Newkirk, OK 74647


The Trustees of the Kay County Justice Facilities Authority (JFA) met in a regular session at 2:30 p.m., Friday, May 12, 2017, in the Sheriff’s training room of the Kay County Detention Center (KCDC) in Newkirk, OK.  Notice of the regular meeting was posted for public information on May 11, 2017 at the Kay County Detention Center front door and Sheriff’s training room door in Newkirk, OK.

Chairman Wes Young called the meeting to order.  Those present were as follows: Trustees- Jimmy Greenhagen; Steve Kelley; Bruce Robinson;  Jim Stieber; Don Jones, KCDC Director; David Cummings, JFA Attorney; Kay Hughs, KCDC Administrative Assistant; David Baskin, Sheree Doss, Sheli Hackney, Baskin, Hadley Associates, P.C.; Tammy Reese, Secretary/Kay County Clerk.   Absent: Trustee- Jason Shanks; Lowell LeFebvre.  (See sign in sheet)

Wes Young gave the opening prayer.

Motion was made by Steve Kelley and seconded by Bruce Robinson approving the minutes of April 21, 2017.  Motion carried:  Greenhagen, aye; Kelley, aye; Robinson, aye; Stieber, aye; Young, aye.

Jail Director Report:  KCDCD Don Jones presented several reports.  He reported a comparison report for 2016 and 2017 for the month of May as arrested and released 223/349, daily average 228/340, minimum amount of inmates 214/314, maximum amount of inmates 253/359 and a 24 hour period high for the month of April 253/372.  Current Inmate Population Statistics-housing 307 inmates, 260 males/47 females, 235 of inmates have been incarcerated with this facility previously, 95 inmates have been sentenced either to county time or time with the DOC, 29 inmates are being housed for Bridgeway or BIA, 63 inmates on medication regularly, three (3) inmates have been either diagnosed with or have been determined to be mentally ill, 26 inmates are classified as sex offenders, 15 inmates are on restricted diets, average age of male inmates is 34.64/females 35.13, oldest inmate is 66/youngest is 18, one (1) has ice holds, three (3) inmates on Writs and four (4) are on purge fees.  Official count-319 (270 males/49 females) as the current head count, Sentenced County-18, Drug Sanctions-2, Court Writ-3, Holding Purge Fee-9; Sentenced Department of Corrections-76, BIA Contract-29, Bridgeway Contract-1; Intake Release Weekend-55 – Week-136 – Month-218, Serve Weekend/Sanctions-10; Count 2016 compared to 2017, Current 249/319; ADP/Month 221/326; High Year-to-Date 252/372; Intake/Release 221/218. Jones presented the Use of Force report for April 2017 – Inmate/Inmate-3, Inmate/Officer-8 and 8 with use of force hands on restraint chair; the number of Court Services/Transport for April 2017 was 101 and year-to-date was 658.  He stated there were 3,533 for the year-to-date sick call requests received and told how many inmates needed nurse/doctor exams, mental health and number on suicide watch.

Inmate Commissary Account information for April 2017:  Commissary Sales-$7,420.11, Profits-$7,564.48, Snack grabber sales-$2,264.00, Calling card sales-$5,050.00, Medical deductions-$409.70, Medication deductions-$222.84, Jail damage deductions-$27.16.  KCDC Inmate Trust Fund 2-$41,272.79, KDCD Commissary Commission Account 2-$14,561.86.  Revenue Report April 2017 (listing vendor’s billed and other sources of income)-$51,941.60.  Sales Tax Disbursement Collected for Operations Fiscal Year-to-Date-$1,844,823.00/Sales Tax Receipt for Year-to-Date-$1,715,118.00.  Jones gave a report of the county sales tax revenue by city for the months of March-April-May, 2017.  He reported what the sales tax revenue was in May 2016 compared to May 2017 and noted a decrease of $22,660.

Other reports received were Compensation/Holiday Time and Inmate Analysis.

Payroll & Accounting Services with Baskin Hadley & Associates, P.C.:  David Baskin told about their services, what the auditors look for and noted they prepare the transactions in a financial statement.  Direct deposit was discussed and the proposals that would need to be included with the monthly financial statements and it was noted the engagement letter would need to be reviewed annually.  The costs of services for the accounting part-$475-$500 monthly and for the payroll for twice a month approximately $300 monthly.  Jones said he would like to run a parallel payroll before turning the services over to Bask Hadley & Associates at the beginning of the new fiscal year.  There was a question/answer time.

Motion was made by Jim Stieber and seconded by Bruce Robinson authorizing the Chairman of the Trust Authority to execute an engagement letter for payroll and accounting services to Baskin Hadley & Associates, P.C.  Motion carried:  Greenhagen, aye; Kelley, aye; Robinson, aye; Stieber, aye; Young, aye.

Discussion was made regarding qualifying for HealthChoice.  Attorney Cummings said they may be looking at other options for health care. 

Motion was made by Jimmy Greenhagen and seconded by Steve Kelley approving employee group health insurance with HealthChoice subject to acceptance by HealthChoice.  Motion carried:  Greenhagen, aye; Kelley, aye; Robinson, aye; Stieber, aye; Young, aye.

Application (Option 1) for the election to reimburse and Application (Option 2) to allow the pre-pay method for an Oklahoma unemployment insurance tax account number were both discussed.

Motion was made by Steve Kelley and seconded by Jim Stieber approving Option (2) Application to allow the pre-pay method.  Motion carried:  Greenhagen, aye; Kelley, aye; Robinson, aye; Stieber, aye; Young, aye.

Unscheduled public appearances:  Kay County Sheriff Steve Kelley invited all to the Lake Ponca Southern Kansas/Oklahoma cookout.

Motion was made by Steve Kelley and seconded by Jimmy Greenhagen to adjourn (3:53 p.m.).

Motion carried:  Greenhagen, aye; Kelley, aye; Robinson, aye; Stieber, aye; Young, aye.










Approved this 9th day of June, 2017.








                                                          Wes Young, Chairman









Tammy Reese, Secretary/Kay County Clerk

County of Kay, State of Oklahoma

Kay County, Justice Facilities Authority