How do I qualify and file for the additional homestead exemption?

Any person who is the head of household* with a homestead exemption may receive an additional 1,000 assessment exemption if the gross household income** from all sources did not exceed $30,000 for the past calendar year.

Application for the additional homestead exemption is made with the Assessor's office between January 1 and March 15. Verification of income is prepared as part of the application and a copy of all income verification from the previous year must accompany the application. This includes:

  • Alimony support money
  • Annuities
  • Capital gains
  • Federal Social Security
  • Loss-of-time insurance payments
  • Pensions
  • Public assistance payments
  • Unemployment payments
  • Veteran's disability compensation
  • Worker's compensation
  • Any other type of income received for the previous year, and excluding gifts

65 & Older

Please Note: Any person who is 65 or older as of March 15 and who has previously qualified for additional homestead shall not be required to renew applications annually. However, any person whose total household income exceeds $30,000 shall notify the County Assessor, and the additional homestead exemption shall not be allowed for the year.


  • *The term "head of household" means a person who, as owner or joint owner, maintains a home and furnishes support for the home, furnishings, and other material necessities.
  • **The term "gross household income" means the gross amount of income of every type, regardless of the source, received by all persons occupying the same household, whether such income was taxable or nontaxable for federal or state income tax purposes.

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