Employment Applications

Patrol Deputy 


Operate a motor vehicle for extended periods of time in all environmental conditions and on occasion operates the vehicle at high speeds and in congested traffic situations.
Patrol assigned area of County and enforces state laws and U.S. / State Constitution. Patrols and examines building and residences to detect suspicious conditions and handles situations accordingly.
Directs traffic in congested and emergency areas; reports safety hazards; responds to scene of accident, administers first aid, issues citations to violators of traffic laws.
Visit the scene of crimes and accidents; searches for and preserves evidence; investigates and interviews victims; witnesses and potential suspects; apprehend those suspected of crimes; participates in line-ups; makes oral and written reports; provides testimony in court.
Speaks before citizen’s groups and participates in various training sessions.



 - Applicants must be at least 21 at time of hire

- High School Diploma or GED

- No felony convictions

- No convictions for domestic abuse

- No convictions for crimes of moral turpitude

- Pass an Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

- Pass a Background investigation

- Stable work history

- Interview Board

- Must be able to pass polygraph

- Good moral character

- Available to work any shift, nights and weekends

- Cleet Certified preferred but not required.

Job application is available to download from website or you can pick one up at the Sheriff's Office. 


Must be at least 18 years of age, high school diploma or GED, valid driver’s license, experience preferred but not required. Pro-active, self-starter requiring minimal supervision. Qualified applicants need to have basic computer knowledge and be available for shift work. Applicants will be required to pass the OLETS state test and must pass a background check.

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